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Current Shows and Dinner Theater Options!


Witness, discerning minds, the profound unveiling that lies before you! Behold a roster of theatrical marvels orchestrated by the illustrious Riddlesbrood Touring Theatre Company, awaiting your eager embrace. With utmost pride and fervor, we present a compendium of bewitching spectacles, bound to entertain your guests to the fullest. Delve into the realm of our prodigious creations, where gripping murder mysteries and captivating performances await your discerning taste. Each show, a testament to our craftsmanship, is now made available for your private affairs, corporate gatherings, philanthropic endeavors, or any shindig that stirs your imagination. 

Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery
1920's Murder Mystery
Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery


Grab your spyglass your deerstalker hat and prepare yourself for a classic murder mystery show!  Pit your wits against the world famous sleuth Sherlock Holmes as he unlocks the secrets of a maddening Case!  This latest enigma by the Riddlesbrood players will keep your riveted, with plenty of audience participation, prizes; you can't help but be pulled into the show…Literally!!!  This is a murder mystery fit for the whole family!



New Brunswick NJ Show
Cranbury NJ Murder Mystery
Our House Show in Farmingdale NJ

Fairview Village Church in Eagleville PA

Private House Party in Voorhees NJ

valentines day Version 'Cupids Arrow' 

The Roaring Funnies


Who says crime doesn’t pay! In Riddlesbrood’s new roaring 20’s Murder Mystery Show, it pays off big time! With shady characters, suspense, tommy guns and cheesy puns. The year is 1926, and two bumbling gangs are duke’ in it out for control of the bootleg business. But be careful! The jokes and action can be a blast…so if there is a lot of gun play…don’t forget to duck. But if prohibition has got you down, and your hankering for some illegal hooch, just stop by…tell them “Sharkie” sent ya! 


Philly Roaring Funnies Party

Haddonfield Murder Mystery Party

Berwick PA

CSI Murder Mystery
C.S.I. Crime Scene Idiots!


Ever watch one of those television detective shows and say to yourself, “Hey, I could solve that case.” If so, then you’re not alone!  Watch as two of the most incompetent male meter maids stumble their way through the clues in this murder mystery comedy.  Laugh yourself senseless as these two wanabees try to solve the biggest crime to ever hit suburbia.  So, if you’ve got the Hill Street Blues and want a little "Law and Disorder", join us for this wildly funny murder mystery set in Copland. 


Lambertville Murder Mystery Party
Woodbury Murder Mystery Party

Latham NY

Magnolia DE

Game Show Party
The Game Show


You're the next contestant on "Cash a La Carte"!!!  Get ready to play all of your favorite gameshows from TV land in this new interactive comedy.  Whether it's spinning a wheel, guessing a price or answering trivia, in this'll play, you'll laugh, and you'll win!!!  So what are you waiting for?  Come on Down!!!


Peddlers Village PA,    

Burlington County NJ Parties


Pirates Murder Mystery
Shiver Me Timbers


Set in the glorious old days of treasure galleons and buccaneers, "Shiver Me Timbers" is a spectacular Caribbean adventure that will get your heart racing!  Legend has it that a miraculous buried treasure was hidden deep in the mountains of a secret island off of the Florida keys.  Take a journey with Captain Clyde P Riddlesbrood as he tries to locate the loot before he is captured by the British!  So, unless you want to walk the plank, come and see this great pirate adventure set sail on the seven seas! Arrrr!!!



Bayville Murder Mystery Pirate Show

Tuckerton NJ

New Castle DE

Medieval Murder Mystery
Medieval Madness


Hear ye, hear ye! Riddlesbrood invites you to enter a world of hunchbacked ogres, dreary dungeons, black magic, and monsters that breath jokes instead of fire! Medieval Madness is a musical comedy that will tickle you till your hairs stand on end. There is also a secret prophecy to be unraveled, a mystery that maybe even you can solve! So sally forth! This show is sure to please lords, ladies and young ones as well. Perfect for Halloween, Medieval Madness if filled with toe tapping music, wizardly magic, and levity a court jester would envy! This dark age adventure is a quest the entire family will enjoy, so join in on the jousting and book your show today! 


Media PA Show   New Gretna NJ Kids Performance    

Magic Murder Mystery
Houdini's Whodunnit


The Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company proudly presents the greatest escape from your daily doldrums ever: Houdini’s Whodunit. A deadly crime has been committed! A crime to steal a secret so powerful, so earth shattering, that we're not going to tell you what it is…ever! But Riddlesbrood will give YOU the chance to figure out the identity of the culprit AND his dastardly deed yourself. In this murder mystery worthy of the master himself, Houdini, the great illusionist, returns from the grave to help a young magician unravel clues and teach him how to escape from any trap. This mesmerizing mystery will blend together mind-tingling twists and outrageous laughs that will thrill even the most dedicated skeptic. Houdini’s Whodunit is sure to be your way to escape from the straightjacket of boredom! 

Appearances: Deptford NJ Show
Freehold NJ Show 

Wyomissing, PA Show

Interactive Fantasy Show
Harken - The Game of Phones


​​“Harken!” onto a new and magical world unlike anything that you have ever seen on stage before!  Enchantment and fantasy converge with a completely new way to interact with live entertainment.  Combining CGI, gamification and the latest digital projection technology you will be immersed in a fantastic universe that will leave you wondering what is real and what is not.  The rules are simple.  Using your smartphone, YOU control of the show.  Pick your favorite living avatar and choose their path as they battle their way through deadly obstacles to fulfill their quest!  They must fight to survive—Battling dragons, giants and the undead!  And play you shall, as your decisions add up, you gain points and YOU will go home the ultimate winner.   (NOTE: Available in Standard or Deluxe Packages only)

Appearances: Vineland NJ Event

Interactive Fantasy Show
A Christmas Carol


Treat yourself and your family to the perfect gift celebrating the holidays - "A Christmas Carol." We've decked the halls with your favorite holiday music, sparkling sets, and special effects tied together by a high-spirited cast dressed in lavish costumes to bring this tale of 19th century London to life. And to add to the merriment we've added a dollop of humor sure to tickle a smile from the crotchety old Scrooge himself. So make your reservations now for "A Christmas Carol."

(NOTE: Available in November & December Only)


Appearances: Medford NJ Show
Collingswood Murder Mystery

Interactive Fantasy Show


Turn on the electrodes, raise the platform and throw the switch! A storm is brewing and you don’t want to miss this hilarious adaptation of Mary Shelly’s classic tale! Join Doctor Frankenstein and Igor as they “dig up” clues in this horror themed murder mystery. But don’t worry, we promise it won’t cost you “morgue” then an arm or a leg! So grab your jumper cables, a shovel, and any “body” you can because it’s ALIVE! The forecast? Rain, lightning and the 100% chance of chuckles! So be warned, FrankenMurder will tickle your funny bone and keep you in stitches but don’t worry— in the end you’ll live happily ever cadaver! 

Appearances: Rowan University Show 

New Hope PA Show 

murder at UFO
Murder at the USO


Swing back in time to the local USO Club and dance to the big band sounds of the ’40s. Don’t be fooled by the actors trying to trick you while you’re enjoying your meal and attempting to solve who killed General Barney Blood-n-guts. Rumors or a Nazi spy are flying everywhere and some even claim it was an inside job! Come find out for yourself! 

Appearances: Wildwood NJ Show


Rearview Screamer-kr.jpg
Rearview Screamer!!!



Turn on your ignition and get ready for a road trip to torment! This Halloween, rubbernecking becomes a death sentence, as the most demented, deranged, and generally ill-tempered hitchhikers of all time, defile the highways! So fasten your seat-belts, roll up your windows, and reload your shotgun; because your being a Rearview Screamer!

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