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Book a Murder Mystery Show for Any Occasion!

Fantasy AdventureFest returns to Historic Smithville again in Spring of 2024!!!  The weekend is May 25th & 26th and the featured FREE outdoor Production "Riddlesbrood's Wizard of Oz"

Upscale Events

We perform for many upscale and high prestige events.

Traveling Trunk Show

Come see one of our free outdoor travelling trunk shows for kids.

Christmas Dinner Theater Shows

The Holiday dinner theater is a December favorite!

Mainstage shows

We tour our mainstage shows all over the nation!

Large Events

Large Scale Events are our specialty.

CSI Murder Mystery

Is your group in the mood for a CSI murder Mystery?

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes can show up at your event!

Brunch with Santa

Brunch with Santa entertainment!

Community Theater

We can perform in any type of venue.

Need traveling entertainment

in NJ or PA?

Hire us to breath life into almost any sort of party with our traveling comedy shows and murder mysteries! Perfect for: Company Parties, Fundraisers, Family reunions, Birthdays, Festivals, Summer Camps, Halloween parties, or any other get together. We have a show and will travel anywhere in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware or Maryland!

Riddlesbrood's Touring Troupe was established in 2000, and today it’s one of the most popular companies in the New York-New Jersey area, performing more than 200 murder mysteries and dinner theater shows per year!  

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The Touring Theatre enterprise is...

A dynamic, professional group of entertainers dedicated to providing top-notch amusement—and touring it everywhere! Our unique brand of comedy appeals to a large demographic...making your guests explode with laughter and leaving them thanking you for the fun! Our improvisational Murder Mystery shows are perfect for any kind of event -- a birthday bash, family reunion, company party, fundraiser, corporate gala or any other type of shindig.Our experience at hundreds of locations performing thousands of shows is at your disposal, and will ensure your affair goes smoothly and successfully.

We arrive an hour prior to your visitors and set up our equipment quickly and efficiently. Within thirty minutes your room is transformed into a full-fledged performance space for your diners to enjoy.  You will appreciate our adaptability, as we can accommodate many different facilities and seating styles, from a table style setup, to a theatre in the round, to even a school auditorium stage.  When your invitee's enter the room and see what mystery awaits them, they will know they are in for an exciting treat. After your guests depart, the room is quickly returned to its original clean and tidy condition.

We customize our performances to fit the requirements of your private party, and tailor the show to best befit your event. So whether you are planning a formal evening, a grade school field trip, or a clever murder mystery party, we tailor the entertainment to suit your needs. Call or email us today to find out how we can turn a hum drum affair, into a comedic celebration!

Murder Mystery NJ and more! Entertainment is only one call away! Pennsylvania, New-Jersey, Delaware or New York.
Book a mystery today

So, you’re thinking about throwing your own murder mystery party, huh?  A murder mystery is an all-around excellent choice.  We’re you’re expert on all things mysterious, and here to tell you that whether you’re planning a family reunion, Susie’s sweet-16 birthday, or your company’s next team building event, a murder mystery is a fantastic idea. 

Your guests will be thrilled to participate in something more exciting than just plain old dinner. Murder mystery parties are unique and can be customized one-of-a-kind events. They’re great for enhancing and developing relationships.  Your guests will interact with each other and learn new things about people they’ve known for years. (Like the fact that your show-off brother-in-law has a photographic memory and can remember every clue)!  Our thrilling mystery parties challenge the brain.  They polish your guests’ rusty powers of deduction, so they’re able to put all the pieces together to solve the puzzle—and win a prize!   If you’re organizing a corporate event, a murder mystery is a fun, creative way to stimulate morale and train coworkers to communicate with each other more effectively.  Employees will sharpen their decision-making and listening skills and develop enhanced levels of cooperation and leadership.

Riddlesbrood’s shows are professional, high-energy fun! Starting with their extensive pre-preparation process, they’ll ask many questions to determine what your needs are and help you choose the best party theme depending on your event’s location and your gathering’s special occasion like a reunion, birthday, wedding, or corporate conference.   In addition, certain shows may work better for specific groups.  For example, an older crowd might prefer a roaring 1920s theme, while a pirate show is usually a big hit with a younger crowd.  The actors arrive at least an hour before your guests to set everything up and discuss details with you to ensure a magnificent experience for everyone.  And, when the show is over, they clean everything up, so you don’t have to.  Just try getting your cousin Andy to help clean up afterwards! 

The First Murder Mystery Clue
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