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Murder Mystery Party Hockessin DE


In 2022, the Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company hosted an unforgettable 'Murder Mystery in Hockessin, DE,' set against the backdrop of a magnificent, historic mansion. This event was a masterful blend of interactive theater and detective work, where attendees became key witnesses to a mysterious crime. The evening was enriched with immersive activities such as voluntary lie detector tests, the creation of mug shots, and the collaborative effort to solve the puzzle. The mansion's grandeur added an authentic touch to the atmosphere, elevating the entire experience. Designed to engage and thrill, this murder mystery event not only captivated the participants with its intricate plot but also emphasized the importance of teamwork and observation. The guests' involvement in the narrative was a testament to the event's success, leaving everyone with lasting memories of a night filled with suspense, laughter, and camaraderie. This unique approach to storytelling, combined with the interactive elements, made the 'Murder Mystery in Hockessin, DE' a standout event, showcasing Riddlesbrood's exceptional ability to entertain and engage audiences in memorable ways.


"It was a great way to entertain the guests during a fun holiday!"

Participants engaging in a Sherlock Holmes-themed murder mystery event in Hockessin, DE, 2022, solving clues in a grand mansion setting
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What a neighborhood!

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