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Murder Mystery Party in Bayville New Jersey


Riddlesbrood Touring Theatre Company presented Shiver Me Timbers, a madcap pirate adventure murder mystery party at Blackbeards Cave in Bayville NJ (136 Atlantic City Blvd Bayville, NJ 08721). The adults and children appreciated the madcap buccaneers in this spectacular theatrical cross between Blazing Saddles slapstick and the droll zaniness of The Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Shiver Me Timbers offered up fun and laughter as Captain Clyde and his crew (Lori Reed, Scott Roffman, Jeff, Brian) tried to locate secret treasure buried off the New Jersey Keys (really?). The Riddlesbrood actors provided a special treat for everyone's funny bone. Forget the world outside book our Pirate Murder Mystery and cavort with the maties and ladies of the high seas!


What the General Manager of a restaurant in Bayville had to say!:


"How are you? I have to say I was so pleased with the reaction of our audience for your show it was so professionally done, and your group was a pleasure to work with. I am hoping that you have another show for us soon. We do a Mother/Son, Father/Daughter dinner, maybe a comedy in the Spring...will let you know..thank you!!"


--Joe Bolcato, Manager CB Huntington Restaurant

Would you like us to swashbuckle our way into your party?


Riddlesbrood performs in Bayville and all the surrounding areas. If you be look'in to pillage up some business in South Jersey, just call or Contact us right away. Arrrrrrr!!! 

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