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Would you like that "to go"?


Greetings, merry souls! Need thy hands on the goods? Look no further! 'Tis here, in this very spot, where thou mayest download all the essentials. Seeketh a taste of our magic? Thy desire shall be sated with our online digital brochure! Find within the secrets of booking private parties and shows for thy restaurant or venue. These treasures come in the form of Adobe PDF files, easy for most to view. If a PDF reader be absent from thy realm, worry not! Seek Adobe Reader, a magnificent tool, and be prepared for this whimsical adventure! Click the PDF Icons below and let the wonders unfold before thee! Should challenges arise, fear not to send a message our way. We stand ready to assist! Rejoice, dear souls, and let the laughter and revelry of Riddlesbrood Touring Theatre Company be thine!


But wait, dear mirthful souls! Before thou departest, we have a final jest to share! Dost thou possess the courage to behold the "Longest Brochure in the World"? 'Tis a marvel of comedic mastery, a parchment that stretches beyond all reason! 

Proceed with jestful caution, and let the merriment unfold as thou becomest part of the legend - the proud owner of the "Longest Brochure in the World"!

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