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Riddlesbrood Service Area

Remember- We come to you!


As a touring theatre company, we find ourselves all over the Delaware Valley area! We service New Jersey, New York, Delaware as well as most of Eastern Pennsylvania. We are willing to accommodate interested parties located in other areas, (We rarely perform as far as South Carolina, Ohio, and even Texas) so if you're interested in hiring us for a performance, just give us a call at the number below and we can go over all the details!

The Riddlesbrood Wagon



We do not always arrive in the wagon that you see above!  However, you should be aware that we will be driving in our truck.  Our travel charge will apply to your show if you are more then 50 miles from Stratford NJ.  Depending on how far away your venue may be hotel arrangements might need to be made.  If your interested, but are a distance away, just give us a call!  We do deals!  If you have more questions, peruse through our FAQ page

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