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Off we go, my merry companions, on this road to adventure!

Hark, fair visitor of wit and wonder! Pray, grant us thy noble credentials and partake in the splendors of our revelrous realm, where murder mysteries, dinner theater, and other delightful diversions abound! To embark on this enchanting odyssey, we humbly implore thee to disclose thy esteemed information through our state-of-the-art "Contact Form." With bated breath, we shall await thy quill strokes as they dance upon the "digital input text fields". Once thy missive is complete, hesitate not to "Click Submit" with a flourish. Rest assured, our diligent scribes shall expedite their response like a well-aimed arrow from Robin Hood! Grateful we shall be for thy prompt engagement, kindred soul, and swift shall our "Automated Email Response" be.  Until then, fare thee well! 

We got it! You will get a call or email soon to get your event booked and ready to go!

*Remember, we are a touring theater company that performs dinner theater and murder mystery shows at many remote locations in the tri-state area. We are based out of Burlington NJ.  The address below is our office address only and not where entertainment is performed. 


Snail mail:

The Riddlesbrood, Inc.
PO BOX 677
Stratford, NJ 08084



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