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Murder Mystery Party West Collingswood Heights NJ


West Collingswood Heights, NJ is a charming enclave near the historic town of Collingswood, NJ, where the Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company performed its very first public show in 2000.  Now, 19 years later, the Company is still entertaining audiences with its hilarious murder mysteries, game shows and custom shows, including a recent performance in West Collingswood Heights of, “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of Cupid’s Arrow.”   Rexy’s Restaurant was the perfect location for a customized Valentine’s Day murder mystery party in West Collingswood Heights, NJ where the audience helped Sherlock and his trusted assistant figure out who poisoned the holiday candy and stole Cupid’s arrow.  Attendees enjoyed the challenge and laughs in this comedic version of the classic Sherlock Holmes tale, which Riddlesbrood has not only performed for Valentine’s Day in West Collingswood Heights, but has also customized it for other holidays and celebrations in towns all over the east coast and even as far as Texas!  No matter what type of genre you think your audience would prefer:  a classic Sherlock Holmes murder mystery, a comedic Roaring-20s-themed mystery, a modern-day crime scene investigation, a puzzling plot with medieval knights in shining armor and damsels in distress, or a hilarious, highly-interactive game show, we can perform one of our classic shows or customize one to meet your needs. 


Some words from the Client: Rexy’s Restaurant (700 E Black Horse Pike, West Collingswood Heights, NJ 08059)


"It was a great way to entertain the guests during a fun holiday!"

West Collingswood Heights
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We have all of the best ideas for your private mystery.  We do everything from start to finish, making the process simple as can be.  We do shows everywhere in New Jersey so if you're looking for some fantastic murder mystery entertainment for your organization, just call us at 


What a neighborhood!

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