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What is 'Arts on the Move'?


Our Arts on the Move Program is intended to provide local kids, teens and adults to participate with Riddlesbrood in more of a community theater setting. These shows are generally done once or twice a year in the early spring and fall.  If you want you kids to meet new friends in a creative environment while working with real professional talent, then this is your ticket! 

What kind of shows do we mount? 

This program, in association with the Flashwright Project, specializes in producing high-energy, seasonal musical comedy shows performed with a core of professional touring actors and surrounded by local Kids, Teens and adults in a community theater format. Riddlesbrood’s unique combination of hilarious characters, witty material, exciting lighting and dramatic special effects will keep your customers laughing and thanking you for the fun.  We also keep it clean and never use ‘blue’ language in any of our productions.


Mainstage Harken Show
Mainstage Dark-side Show
Mainstage Holiday Show
Mainstage Christmas Show
Mainstage Kids Show
Mainstage Halloween Show
Mainstage Robin Hood Show
Mainstage Show
Mainstage Frankenstein Show
Mainstage Frankenstein Show
Mainstage Christmas Show
Upcoming Show


Our next production is 'A Christmas Carol' which will start rehearsing September 20th and go until December.​ 


Saturday, December 12th, at 1 PM and 7 PM and...

Sunday, December 13th, at 1 PM.

The Dickens Fest is FREE to the public.


The historic Towne of Smithville will be bustling with activity during the "Dickens Fest". Its 60 charming specialty shops, the award-winning historic Smithville Inn restaurant and 3 other restaurants within the village will all be open to visit and enjoy before, during intermissions or after the shows.

How to Sign up

Just fill out the form below to be enrolled into the program. 


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While there is no sign up fee to be involved, kids will require costumes, scripts, makeup and other small materials to participate.  In addition, often parents will want a DVD, Photos, T-Shirts or other items which have a cost.  Parents have the option to join as a Family Membership for $10/mo where everything is included for all kids in the family. This way costs are prorated for a year.


How to Sign up for Membership?

You will receive an email with the option to join as a member family later on, and also have the option to sign up during orientation. 


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