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Be A Part of Arts On The Move!!!

Alice in Wonderland
Kids on the Purple Stage
Kids in an outdoor Christmas Carol
Mainstage Harken Show
Mainstage Holiday Show
Mainstage Robin Hood Show
Mainstage Show

The Next Production is "A Christmas Carol!" Fall 2023

We are getting ready for our next family friendly traditional Outdoor Performance!  If you have been in our productions in the past, it may be easier for you to sign up, so we know your interested.  Of course you are always welcome to come to the audition as well.  The Shows will be in the Historic Town of Smithville and is free to the public. (615 E Moss Mill Rd, Smithville, NJ 08205) Kids ages 6 and over are all welcome to be a part of the fun which includes learning carols, parts, and meeting new friends along the way!  

The audition information can be found on Auditions Page

More information on the show can be found on Christmas Carol Page

There is no charge to sign up, however there may be a charge for Costumes, DVD, Cast Party food, T-Shirts, etc. if desired.

If you want to audition for a larger part you can do so.  Click here for audition info.

Show Sign Up

Thanks for submitting! We will eamil you as it gets closer! If you need to reach us email at or call 609-377-9125.

What is 'Arts on the Move'?


Our Arts on the Move Program is intended to provide local kids, teens and adults to participate with Riddlesbrood in more of a community theater setting. These shows are generally done once or twice a year in the early spring and fall.  If you want you kids to meet new friends in a creative environment while working with real professional talent, then this is your ticket! 

What kind of shows do we mount? 

This program, in association with the Flashwright Project, specializes in producing high-energy, seasonal musical comedy shows performed with a core of professional touring actors and surrounded by local Kids, Teens and adults in a community theater format. Riddlesbrood’s unique combination of hilarious characters, witty material, exciting lighting and dramatic special effects will keep your customers laughing and thanking you for the fun.  We also keep it clean and never use ‘blue’ language in any of our productions.


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