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Murder Mystery Party Eagleville PA


We just finished doing a great Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery party in Eagleville Pa at the Fairview Village Church.  (3044 W Germantown Pike, Eagleville, PA 19403) They had over 200 people and raised a large amount of money! The audience knew that they were in for a treat when the spot light switched on and Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson made their entrance!  The case of the Amethyst Gem who-dunnit. 

Typical of all of our Murder Mystery Dinner Parties, the actors were piling on the witty jokes and had the crowd laughing all evening.  The audience interaction, a staple of Riddlesbrood Murder Mystery shows, brought up several volunteers who really got into their roles! One of the audience members even had to take the lie detector test, to the amusement of the guests! (Great Facebook Photo Op!)

As this was a nonprofit worship center, the humor had to be family friendly and tasteful, and this was no problem for the veteran theater troupe. Once all of the suspects had been properly vetted, the audience got their turn.  Everyone always plays with a Riddlesbrood show, the audience filled out their ‘clue sheets’ and selected who they thought the murderer was.  Once every one completed their forms, and desert was served, the actors collected them and the show was resumed.  Once the true culprit was revealed, everyone cheered and the winners were brought up to get their prizes! 

It was another great murder mystery party by the Riddlesbrood Touring Theater!  We hope you will choose us for your entertainment!

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Riddlesbrood performs all over Pennsylvania! So don't let the grass grow under your feet! We specialize in doing entertainment for any occasion! 

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Murder in Eagleville PA

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