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Murder Mystery in New Gretna, New Jersey


Audiences of all ages enjoy solving mysteries, and our Medieval Madness show is an especially wise choice if you’re planning a murder mystery party for children.  Recently, young campers at the Timberline Lake Camping Resort in New Gretna, NJ enjoyed figuring out who stole the Holy Grail and deciphering the secret prophecy contained within this comedic show with dungeons, dragons, ogres, knights-in-shining armor and damsels-in-distress.  Medieval Madness was popular with the campers and staff alike, as the show was not only entertaining, but was also an educational experience.  The campers learned how to work together to solve a mystery and use their intellect and powers of deduction to decipher the clues and solve the puzzles within Medieval Madness.  The show was an opportunity for them to learn and practice observing details, retaining facts, and putting clues together, all while collaborating and cooperating with each other.  Some children even participated in the theatrics, as our shows can be interactive (or not) to match your audience’s comfort level.  All of our shows can be customized to appeal to almost any audience, whether you’re planning a murder mystery party in New Gretna, NJ or looking for a hilarious mystery or game show, we can adapt our performances to meet your needs. 

Contemplating doing a Murder Mystery or Dinner Theater event in New Gretna, New Jersey?

Riddlesbrood performs in New Gretna and as the rest of Burlington County, New Jersey. By the way, as an unincorporated community located within Bass River Township, this town is rather small but mighty!  We have done murder mystery parties there as well!! We would love the opportunity to astound you and your group with one of our first class shows. 

Medieval Madness in NJ
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