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Murder Mystery Party Party in Hanover, PA


Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company performed a murder mystery party in Hanover, PA, which is famous for being “the snack food capital of the world,” because popular food manufacturers such as Utz and Snyders make their well-loved chips, pretzels and other salty treats there.  Our well-loved (and sometimes salty) murder mystery shows are popular everywhere, and Hanover was definitely no exception!   Our Valentine’s Day-themed “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of Cupid’s Arrow” murder mystery was very well-received by the residents of “Homewood at Plum Creek,” a continuing care retirement community.  In addition to the holiday theme, we adapted our script to appeal to the senior residents of Homewood at Plum Creek by modifying our humor to connect with a more mature audience.  We further customized this particular murder mystery party in Hanover, PA to include music.  At the request of the activities director, we added a few songs to the plot, and the audience loved it!  In addition, we performed two separate Sherlock Holmes murder mystery shows in the same day for different groups of Homewood residents.  We loved performing our Valentine’s Day-themed Sherlock Holmes murder mystery in Hanover, PA, and would love to entertain your guests with “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of Cupid’s Arrow” or with any of our other murder mysteries.  In addition to Sherlock Holmes, we offer traditional and holiday-themed murder mysteries and game shows.  That’s why The Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company has earned a reputation of being the best murder mystery company to entertain any audience, because we can customize any of our shows to accommodate your audience, whether young or mature, family or co-workers … be it for a holiday, a birthday, a fundraiser, a company outing, a family reunion, or whatever!  Just let us know what you envision for your event, and we’ll work together to personalize a show to meet your needs. 

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