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Murder Mystery Party in Farmingdale, New Jersey


If you're looking to do a Murder Mystery event in the Farmingdale area then the place to do it is Our House Restaurant (420 Adelphia Rd, Farmingdale, NJ 07727) We performed our Sherlock Holmes Dinner Show there in November of 2013 and the 110 people in the audience went wild! The staff at the restaurant were professional and overflowed with hospitality. It was a real pleasure to work there and we plan to perform more of our signature murder mystery parties there in the future!  The killer as well as the other mysterious characters were all played by our expert entertainers (Ryan Long, Robert Burnet, Brian Albert and Rudy).  At the end of the night, when everyone was finished their meals and filling out their clue sheets, we brought out the prizes for the winners!  Then the obligatory photos with the crazy actors to post on social media!  It was a blast.

Are you putting together a murder mystery party in Farmingdale, NJ?


We tour our shows all over New Jersey, PA and the Monmouth County area in general. Please give us a call and we can work out a special package to perform for your event!

or Contact us via our online form.

Murder Mystery Party in Farmingdale NJ
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