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We take the show on the road!

First thing you should know is that our mission is to bring YOU the fun!  We built our company to ensure that we can help make your social event one you're guests will enjoy and thank you for!  We operate out of a central location and can perform at various venues ranging from restaurants, banquet facilities, private homes, outdoor parks and, of course, theaters. Our ability to take any one of our shows and bring them to any location (and at the right price) is our strongest asset! Typically, there are between 8-12 shows running at any given time for clients to pick from to ensure that you have a wide assortment of choices. Most of our performers have been part of the Purple Troupe for many years, which creates a powerful esprit de corps not found in most other theatre troupes. It has always been the management’s strategy to encourage camaraderie within the cast as this translates into a better performance on stage. If you're a current or aspiring actor, we'd love to provide you with auditioning information for Riddlesbrood.

What are the shows like?


Fun! Fun! And more Fun! That’s the best way to put it. All of our dinner theatre shows are intended to be unadulterated, wild comedies. Priding ourselves on our improvisational abilities, we are continually experimenting with new material to make every second of each show a laugh riot! Take a bit of Saturday Night Live; mix it with a tad of Monty Python; and then throw in a helping of the Zucker Brothers (i.e. the movie Airplane!). That concoction of wit is pretty close to our style of humor. The Company has produced over 1500 shows and many of these past productions can be seen on our Past Shows Page. Riddlesbrood also tends to be a bit heavy on the special effects! The Technical Director (or so our sources tell us) seems to have a malicious desire to spend the company out of business with his lighting budget! In summation, you can be sure that each show is an experience you will tell your friends about for years to come!

regarding riddlesbrood

Our History


The ensemble began life as a group of friends getting together to do comedy theatre in 1999. The founder of the company worked with several other actors at Elaine’s Famous Dinner Theatre in Cape May, New Jersey. Then, the company was little more than an acting club where the members practiced and developed new material. This began to change when the group started to get outside work doing comedy shows around the Philadelphia area. Seeing this as a viable way to make a living, The Founder (who was obviously clinically insane), began to organize the group into a working company. Equipment, costumes and a truck were stolen (just kidding!), or politely acquired, from anyone who would contribute.  Lastly, the Company Logo was created as well as a brochure, and the Riddlesbrood theatre company was born.


In October 2000, The Riddlesbrood players set up shop in Collingswood, NJ, and mounted the first production of "Scrooge: a Comedy!"Within a year, the small but enthusiastic touring company, Riddlesbrood, got their big break performing dinner theatre shows for the Showbarn in Smithville, NJ, and shortly thereafter, the theatre company became incorporated in July 2001. The company went into permanent residence at the "new" Showbarn Dinner Theatre in September 2001 and began to write, cast, and produce all of the entertainment performed there.  As luck would have it, Riddlesbrood found a new home in Historic Burlington City, NJ, in April 2006, and both set up residence there. Currently, the company is continuing its rise to prominence as a professional traveling theater group in the New Jersey and Philly area. We continuously dedicate our efforts to making all kinds of audiences laugh out loud!


What the Heck is "Riddlesbrood" Anyway?


The actual name of our company is somewhat of a mystery; however, many believe that it came from the famous (although rather enigmatic) adventurer and snake-oil salesman Clyde P. Riddlesbrood. It has been said that he is the inspiration for the theatre company, but the owner of the company denies and dismisses this as mere whimsy. Every so often Riddlesbrood can be seen at promotional booths, parades and trade shows spreading the latest news about our current and upcoming shows. But then again, we cannot confirm his existence! Would you like more information about this bizarre character Clyde P Riddlesbrood?


Our Mission Statement


"The Riddlesbrood players shall be fanatically dedicated to delighting everyone. We will creep silently into your heart, pitch our tent and, once there, practice our grinning arts. Those who spy our movements shall leave with much inspiration and be filled with uncommon energies to face the drudgery of the days beyond. We, the Riddlesbrood, shall perch dangerously where the laugh justifies the means; for, after all, life may be no laughing matter. But it will be our design to try!" –Clyde P Riddlesbrood.

Our Values

(Major Virtues)
Deeds must upstage repose: Action is always preferred over idleness, get in there and make it happen!
Truth must upstage distortion: Knowing and speaking the truth is important, even if it’s an uncomfortable.
Boldness must upstage passivity: When you do something, do it big! Be brash and commanding in your actions.
Loyalty must upstage betrayal: Be allegiant to the troupe, especially in relation to other theater groups.

(Minor Virtues)
Liberty must upstage reliance: Cherish your freedom to act as you choose without micromanagement.
Improv must upstage languor: Obstacles can often be overcome by using your wits! Be inventive!
sovereignty must upstage thralldom: We treasure our independence, and do not wish to serve a higher group.
Courage must upstage Cowardice: Don’t be intimidated by obstacles or enemies, roar!
Humor must upstage Drama: Find comedy in every situation rather than dwelling on the negative.
Purity must upstage corruption: We keep our identity and fight those who would contaminate our values.
Expression must upstage suppression: We create as we like, and oppose those who would have it otherwise.
Mobility must upstage fixity: We don’t get pinned down, our home is where we stand.
Strength must upstage weakness: Will to power requires force, and we do not shy away from that.
Quality must upstage Equality: Merit must be prized, even if it means treating people different.
Tradition must upstage fashion: We look to the past to define ourselves, not the present.
Honor must upstage disgrace: Protect your good name, bring dignity to the troupe.


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Step right up, folks, and prepare to be amazed! Have you ever heard of the Riddlesbrood, the enigmatic entertainment troupe that has mystified and thrilled audiences since the turn of the century? Well, prepare to have your mind blown as we delve into the mysterious origins of this captivating group. Legend has it that the Riddlesbrood was founded by a band of traveling performers who stumbled upon a secret society of mystics in the depths of a dark and foreboding island. These mystics and ancient aliens, with their esoteric knowledge of the arcane, took the performers under their wing and taught them the secrets of the stagecraft! (Yea, that's what happened.) With their newfound powers, the Riddlesbrood began to put on shows unlike anything the world had ever seen. They dazzled crowds with their feats of magic, their musical prowess, and their unbridled energy. They became the talk of the town, the talk of the nation, and the talk of the world! 

And now, dear friends, you have the chance to uncover the secrets of the Riddlesbrood for yourself! Learn the ancient arts of stagecraft, unlock the mysteries of magic, and discover the power of performance with the help of this illustrious troupe. So what are you waiting for? Join the Riddlesbrood today and let the adventure begin! Riddlesbrood tells of the days of yore below!!! (Just click the text below)

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