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Murder Mystery Party in Wildwood New Jersey

We have worked in Wildwood NJ for may years producing fun and exciting Murder Mystery shows for their groups.  Most recently working with the Wildwood Chamber of Commerce, our troupe has produced a 40's, 50's and an 80's themed show. 


We have also worked with the boardwalk itself! Beware Landlubbers! And listen to a tale of Boardwalk improvisation at work! A pale green light glowed overhead as Morey’s Piers opened ‘Ignis Fatuus’ — Latin for ‘foolish light’; A 1 million plus dollar haunted attraction in Wildwood New Jersey. The Riddlesbrood Players were there to open up the festivities with a custom Murder Mystery Show fashioned just for them. The captain of the ship (Captain Winky) had a hook for a right hand and a seagull on his shoulder, and whispered to the crowd that “a cargo of questionable goods hidden in the hold” and that they had better beware! It was a great pleasure for us to perform for the Company!!!

After the gig, we receive an email from the Client:


"To Whom It May Concern: 8/23/10


The intent of this is to recommend, in the strongest possible fashion The Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Co. to produce anything your planning in New Jersey. This band of merry pranksters did an excellent job, under the most trying of circumstances, assisting us at Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, NJ as we unveiled and launched our Ghost Ship haunted walk-through on Mariner’s Landing, Schellenger Ave. & Boardwalk. As Ghost Ship creative director, and as someone with a long history of working with haunted attractions, I was able to send them our theatrical material, along with specific sets of instructions, and know they would show up 100% prepared and ready to go. Ghost Ship is a haunted house in the vein of the old boardwalk haunts of the 60’s and 70’s, like Dracula’s Castle and Brigantine Castle, and Riddlesbrood were instrumental in the success of our opening night event, carrying off an exceedingly difficult technical show while maintaining both the horrific and comedic aspects of the show. I have no doubt they would do an outstanding job on your events."


--Area Manager-Dark Attraction Morey’s Piers Wildwood, NJ 08260

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Planning a Murder Mystery or Dinner Theater event near Wildwood New Jersey?


Riddlesbrood services all of New Jersey including Wildwood, Cape May, and all of Cape May County. We have so many different themes to offer you. The best thing is to give us a ring at 866-276-6399 or Check out our murder mystery options.

Ghost Ship Wildwood
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