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Murder Mystery Party in Woodbury New Jersey


Crime Scene Idiots was a hit! We perform our shows regularly at several places in Woodbury such as the Woodbury Station Cafe (101 Cooper St Woodbury, New Jersey 08096). These murder mystery party performances, in this case CSI, always capture the excitement for our audiences. So if your looking for a way to really entertain your guests in the area, why not plan a murder mystery party for them? Just look at what some of our customers said at a show in September.

A comment from two customers after the show at the Woodbury Station:


"Scotsman was my favorite! All of them were ridiculous but the one with the dogs was hilarious! What a great show."



"I loved the fisherman character. I love pirates of the caribbean. I saw it a hundred times. I have a thing for pirates! I also perform for my church, so this was a huge treat for me to be this close to the show. It was so great!"



If you have a private gathering in Woodbury NJ, Give us a call!


Riddlesbrood performs all over South Jersey and in Woodbury, NJ as well. We would enjoy the oppertunity to impress your guests with one of our exciting show stoppers. Pick up that cell phone and call us at 866-276-6399 or Fill out our Online Form.

Woodbury NJ murder Mystery
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