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Murder Mystery Party in Lambertville New Jersey


Nestled next to the Delaware River and across the bridge from New Hope lies the delightful old historic town of Lambertville. The town has easy access from many areas of New Jersey and is close the famed Washington's Crossing. The Charm of Lambertville makes it an ideal setting for a murder mystery party. The Riddlesbrood Theater has performed several Murder Mysteries over the years in Lambertville to include the Lambertville Station, and the Lambertville House (Both right on Bridge Street 08530).


A customer had great things to say about their murder mystery show:


"I don't know where to start to tell you how impressed I was your group last night from the moment you pulled into your parking spot until you left our room for a long ride home. I'm going to go to work on the Christmas show right away and plan on booking ASAP!! In doing this show, I want to make sure that we fix the sound as with a crowd that size in a room like that, sound is very important. I wish you guys the very best and If ever you have anyone that wants to know what the experience is like with the Riddlesbood Theater, give them my number!

Thank you again and again and again and again."


--George Spannbauer

Searching for some comedy entertainment near Lambertville NJ?


Riddlesbrood performs across the Garden State in addition to Lambertville, NJ. To help set up your event, give us a call toll free at 866-276-6399 or Look at our other services.

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