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Murder Mystery Party Haddonfield NJ


The Greenfield Hall Historical Society of Haddonfield (343 King's Highway East Haddonfield, NJ 08033) hosted a murder mystery party for an event a few years ago. We were brought in to create a fantastic and audience interactive event where the guest would feel just like they were in an old 1920's style speak easy! The old mansion in Haddonfield was perfect for the party. It possess that antique character and ambience one expects to find watching the Great Gatsby. All of the people at the event were given special name tags and identities. Everyone was a part of the show and everyone left happy.


About Haddonfield New Jersey:


"The old town has a history that dates back to 1682, and the sleepy colonial architecture makes for the perfect backdrop for any murder mystery event! As a matter of fact, the first ever intact skeleton put on display was discovered in Haddonfield...well ok, it was the first nearly intact Dinosaur, but hey that's still pretty mysterious."

Planning to put together a who dunnit in or near Haddonfield?


Riddlesbrood performs all up and down the lovely mainstreets of Haddonfield, NJ. So don't let the grass grow under your feet! Give us a call at our Toll Free Number 866-276-6399 or Contact us today.

Haddonfield murder mystery
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