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Add live comic fun to your Murder Mystery in DE!


Are you planning a night of mystery for your upcoming private party? Are you located in the first state of Delaware? If so, then The Riddlesbrood Touring Theater company has a clue for you! We have the best assortment of murder mystery shows for your event!  Our troupe specializes in producing high energy, live comedy who dunnit style mysteries that will have your guests playing with murder! With curious characters, mind-boggling clues, and hilarious jokes, our performers will have your group grinning through their spyglass and thanking YOU for the fun. Celebrate the Delaware motto of 'Liberty and Independence' !

For corporate parties & fundraisers anyware in DE!


We have so many different themes and shows that you can choose from, such as: Sherlock Holmes, C.S.I. police drama, The Roaring 20's or almost anything else. To see what shows are currently available, just see show options.  Bring the fun to your group!  No hassle, turnkey entertainment at your fingertips. Get ready for a merri mystery! 

Discover our amazing prices for a murder mystery right here! Compare our three competative entertainment price packages! Just grab your phone and dial us up...

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of Shows!

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Murder Mystery DE is what we are all about!
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