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How a Typical Murder Mystery Party Goes

Murder mystery parties are a thrilling way to engage guests in an evening of intrigue, humor, and interactive entertainment. If you have never been to a Murder Mystery event, you may not know what to expect, and that’s why we put this article together! Here's a step-by-step guide on how a typical murder mystery party unfolds, especially when orchestrated by a seasoned entertainment company like Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company.

Typical Murder Mystery Party Goes by

Setting the Stage: Approximately an hour before guests arrive, the entertainment company's actors (in this case, the amazing Riddlesbrood!) appear and begin to set the stage for the night's mystery. This setup involves arranging props, costumes, sets, lights, sound systems, and microphones. Remember that you can always choose a theme that fits your event! The extent of the setup varies based on the chosen package. While smaller groups of 60 or less might opt for a budget package with fewer accouterments, the standard package—ideal for groups of 60-150 (this is our more common audience size)—includes many of the expected bells and whistles such as lights, sound system, wireless microphones, a backdrop, and other tricks of the trade. All preparations are typically completed in just under an hour.

Welcoming the Guests: As guests arrive, they're greeted by a lively atmosphere where music plays, and tables are beautifully set with clue sheets and pencils (that we provide). There are some options when setting up the tables too, if your interested. Whether it’s a cocktail hour or guests are immediately seated, this initial phase sets the tone for the evening. Depending on the serving style, which can be buffet or sit-down, the mystery might kick off with everyone gathered at their tables or after the buffet. For the purposes of this guide, we'll focus on the sit-down service, where the mystery unfolds between courses.

Riddlesbrood crew setting up stage with props and lights for a murder mystery party.

The Mystery Commences: With the serving of the first course, the excitement begins. Actors make their entrance, instantly bringing energy and laughter into the room. The show's style is notably interactive and humorous, aiming to make everyone a part of the mystery-solving process. An early dramatic event, such as a character's demise, ropes in the audience with the announcement that their help is crucial to solving the case. The unfolding story is filled with funny, wacky, and suspicious characters, making for an engaging experience. Audience participation is encouraged, with voluntary involvement and ad-libbed interactions, as guests jot down clues that could lead to solving the mystery. What do we mean by audience interactivity? Well click the link to the left to find out more!

Guests laughing and interacting with actors at a murder mystery dinner event

The Climactic Reveal: As the story nears its end, the show pauses to allow the audience to consolidate their thoughts and clues on who the perpetrator might be. With clue sheets filled out, the actors collect these sheets before moving to the final reveal. The true culprit is disclosed in a climactic scene, allowing for a satisfying conclusion where justice is served. Winners, those who correctly solved the mystery, are awarded prizes, adding a delightful end to the interactive experience. (We also provide the prizes.)

Wrapping Up: the Evening Post-show, the atmosphere remains festive, with guests eager to capture photo memories with the actors in costume. The background music continues to play, maintaining the evening's ambiance. Once the guests have departed, filled with stories and smiles, the crew efficiently dismantles the setup, marking the end of a memorable night.

Actors unveiling the murderer in a dramatic reveal as guests applaud at a murder mystery party

Interested in Hosting a Murder Mystery Event?

If the idea of hosting a murder mystery party has captured your imagination, consider reaching out to Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company. We are more than happy to chat on the phone with you to discuss customizations to the evening and go over all of the options in detail with you! Activities like birthday songs, 50/50's, speeches, or any other tasks can be added to the evenings itinerary without problems! With expertise in delivering unforgettable experiences, your event is guaranteed to be a hit. For more information or to book your event, call 609-377-9125.



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