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Shows from seasons past! 


Welcome to the captivating realm of the 'Past Productions' by Riddlesbrood! Have you ever been curious about the enchanting tales and unforgettable moments we've spun in days gone by? Our 'Past Productions' page offers a glittering array of all the magnificent shows we've both performed and/or masterfully produced. While these theatrical gems are not part of our current showcase, fear not! With just the right touch of your budgetary magic, we stand ready to resurrect and rekindle them exclusively for you. If you're on the hunt for 'Past Riddlesbrood Shows', congratulations, you've discovered the golden ticket! As they say, 'The real function of art is to change mental patterns ... making new thought possible.' Dive deep into our storied past and let your imagination soar. And now, for the moment you've been waiting for, the shows are meticulously listed below 



Interested in something you book today? Check out our Current Shows.

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