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Touring Kids Shows


Are you a school, library, camp...or ANYWHERE looking for fun for your kids?

The Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company (Based in New Jersey) helps light up the hearts of children and adults all over NJ, PA, NY and DE by bringing our comedy kids shows directly to young people from 5-13, their families, and their teachers.   We can perform in any auditorium, cafeteria, class room, library or anywhere your kids will be assembling (even outdoors)! We are also 'Special Needs' friendly and our actors are used to working with kids with challenges. So if your looking for an interactive children's theater experience, look no further.




All of the Kids Shows are designed to be fun, interactive, and comedic and ALSO inspire theater in America’s children. They include puppets and live interactive actors that engage the children.  We set up a small puppet stage and can perform indoors or out.  Each show contains an important lesson for kids. Research has shown that children exposed to the arts have:

  • Increased self-esteem and self-respect

  • Increased self-discipline

  • Improved ability to work with others

  • Increased confidence and

  • willingness to try new things


Just pick any of our kid-themed Puppet shows for your group.

(Perfect for ages 5-10)

The Bully Dragon (anti-bullying)
The Confident Pirate (confidence)
Buckles & Chuckles  (Wild West Theme -Responsibility)
The Letdown Clown  (Carnival- Be Positive)
The Spellbook Crook (Fantasy- anti-Stealing)
Sherlock Holmes Jr (Mystery)
Alice in Wonderland (no-nonsense)
The Masquerade Charade (Don't judge a book by its cover)
Peter Pan's Pranks (Use your imagination!)
Wizard of Oz (No Place Like Home)
(For older kids and teens ages 11-and up we recommend our Kids Game Show! Ask us about it!)
(You may also choose one of our mystery shows if you like as well)
Little Mermaid Kids Summer Camp Show

Christmas Kids Show!

(Perfect for ages 5-15)

Santa's Magic Toy Shoppe (Holiday Theme)
Puppet show, live elves and Santa!
Santa Clause and his Raindeer kids show

Prices for Kids Shows



We know you're on a tight budget!  So we make it easy to get our travelling theater for schools into YOUR venue. Note: We also do larger national tours as well.


$650* for One-Two (40 min) shows

+$100 for each added show after that (If needed)

+$100 to add Microphones (for groups of 50+)

+$100 for travel if over 40 miles from us


(Shows must be same day, the same place and matinee.  These prices are not for Friday or Saturday nights.  A matinee is defined as a day time show with a load out of 3pm or earlier.)

*$50 added fee if we must be paid after the event

kids outdoor camp show
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