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Win Big at Your Event With A Live Game Show. The next YOU!


Looking for some unique, interactive entertainment for a private party you may be planning?  Well if you want to impress your guests with something completely different, look no further than a Riddlesbrood game show!  Unlike other touring theater companies, our company specializes in producing high energy, live comedy game show style parties that are designed to create an environment where people truly have a great time. With a charismatic MC, rear screen projection system, and trivia games of many types, the event will have your customers laughing and thanking you for the fun. For corporate parties, fundraisers, or general admission, our comedy shows have been enjoyed by office workers everywhere, just listen to the chatter by the water cooler!

The Game Show can also be customized to fit your particular crowd or event! If you give us a bit of time by booking a little early (i.e. not a 3 day notice!) we can include personalized trivia, company information, inside jokes, or almost anything you might want. We also tailor each game to match the contestants, so if there are a few teenagers, they play a different game and get different questions then seasoned adults. The "cash a la carte" game show is perfect for all types of occasions. Events such as wedding receptions, birthday parties, school dances, team building, or even tradeshows and conventions! Below are some of the basic pricing packages for private parties.

Game Show Party
State of the art systems!!! When you choose RTC you get top notch technology.


Our game show party consists of the portable game show system which comes complete with stand-up player podiums, real working buzzers and video projection arrangement. You can also choose from two to five hours of continuous play time! The game show also includes a compact sound system and can be customized to fit most venues, including outdoor decks and even some larger private homes. We perform our Game Shows anywhere in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York! 

Game Show Party PA
Game Show Party NJ
Game Show Party Kids
See how other clients have enjoyed the show...


We take a great deal of pride in our clients and their satisfaction. To view a sample of their letters of recommendation, just click on Testimonials.  To see the prices for a game show party just for your event, check out our Prices Page! Compare our three competitive entertainment price packages! 

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