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Murder Mystery Parties

We Can Solve Your Entertainment Mystery!


Are your hosting or throwing a party in NJ?  If so, then search no more! You're in the market for a Riddlesbrood murder mystery party for your special occasion!  Our troupe specializes in producing high energy, live comedy who dunnit style mysteries that are devised to paint an environment where people are constantly engaged. Here's a clue: Everybody plays! Lots of interaction! With curious characters, mind-boggling clues, and (of course) hilarious jokes, our performers will have your group grinning through their spyglass and thanking YOU for the fun.

For corporate parties, fundraisers, or general admission, our mystery shows have the fingerprints of fun all over!


When you decide that a NJ murder mystery party is the type of event that you want to host, you can choose from several different shows, each with a completely unique theme such as Sherlock Holmes, contemporary police drama, or almost anything else. To see what shows are currently available for your event, just click on the marquee icon or (see show options) If you happen to need something designed and built just for you, think about our custom shows. When considering a custom show, we sit down with you to customize the performance around your gathering. For example, we could do amurder mystery style show where we incorporate friends or family members in the crime! We could change the setting of the show to something appropriate to your event, such as a speak easy, casino night, or Mardi Gras. We can even incorporate company logos and other information into the show! Keep in mind that there are additional charges for the custom 'John Doe' style show.  It makes every dinner party a huge success! 

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        If all of this information is great, but you want to know what shows there are to pick from then keep reading! Just take a shot in the dark and click on the icon on the left or the upcoming shows list to see the different mystery themes we are currently offering with our murder mystery company. If you really need your event to be perfect, and would like us to create a custom show just for you, then take a gander at our create your own show package.


Don't take our word for it...


We take a great deal of pride in our clients and their satisfaction. To view a sample of their feedback and letters of recommendation from some of our happy customers, just click on Testimonials

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