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Themed Weddings are all about you!

Traditional weddings are beautiful, but they’re just not YOU!  Of course your special day will be beautiful, too, but you want a nontraditional wedding … a themed wedding that will showcase you and your fiancé’s unique (some might even say, “bizarre”) style.  Maybe you’d like to exchange your vows in Klingonese in front of guests dressed as Star Fleet ensigns and officers?  Or you might want to say, “I do” in Dothraki while dressed in Westeros-style garb in front of a Medieval castle?  Or, perhaps you’re a fan of the Roaring ‘20s and you envision your guests dancing the Charleston adorned in flapper dresses with feather boas and pin-striped suits with fedora hats?  Well, you’ve found the perfect Company who can make all your nontraditional wedding dreams come true … the Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company!


Riddlesbrood is your one-stop-shop for everything you need for your themed wedding, and we can even marry you!  We have on-staff officiants, ordained by the Universal Life Church, who can perform a personally customized ceremony … and no worries, it’s legal in all states!  Want to be married by a wise-cracking gangster? A swashbuckling pirate?  A super hero?  No problem!  Our officiants can appear in any form you wish.  Clyde P. Riddlesbrood (our esteemed founder) could adorn his luxurious purple cloak and marry you in wizardly style!


We can furnish decorations, props, and a theatrical setting, such as an ancient castle, a pirate ship, or a western saloon, to name a few.  We can set it up and leave, or we can join your party to provide merriment with walk-around costumed characters or perhaps even an entire show to entertain your guests like a puzzling murder mystery or interactive game show.  And, if you still want to chicken dance or do the Macarena, we can provide a D.J. with any type of music.


Contact us today to discuss your extraordinary nontraditional wedding vision!

Themed Wedding in NJ

Please give us a call and we can schedule a full consultation!

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