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Customize! Accessorize! & Mesmerize!


What is the "John Doe Show"? Quite simply it is an entertainment package that allows maximum flexibility to become nearly anything that an event coordinator or restaurateur needs it to be. Whether you want a murder mystery, a game show, a show about gangsters or cowboys—this show can do it!  Sound strange?  It’s not as crazy as it sounds. The show is based on a series of improvisational games, with interchangeable plots and scenes; it can truly become almost any type of show. What does this mean to you?  Simple, we actually create a customized performance just for your private event!  You name it, we design it and we perform it!  Need an example? Say you’re a cable TV company and want to do a private party with some entertainment and sit down dining.  We could put together a show in which the main characters are actually two cable installers who get trapped in a haunted house! We can incorporate your company name, logo, even the names of important people in the company—from CEOs to customer service! The ideas are almost limitless. Here are some more reasons that the John Doe Show is perfect for you!


1] You can choose almost any theme! (Western, Pirate, Gangster, etc.)


2] You can choose the story line


3] You can choose the setting (A dungeon, a cruise ship, almost anywhere!)


4] You can include facts and info about your company, organization or birthday boy or girl


5] You can include guest in the show in many different ways!!


6] And much more!


Becasue this package is so customizable, we need you to give us a call so we can get you a good quote and go over all the different ways it can be customized. Generally expect the cost to be between $1000 - $2000.

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