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An Outdoor Show is the way to go! 


Stay safe by switching your murder mystery outside


During this pandemic, people have been cooped up in their houses, preventing them from basic human interaction that we all need.  Can we still get together during this unprecedented situation? YES!  Experts have maintained how much safer it is to meet and gather outdoors, as opposed to inside a restaurant or other facility.  As regulations have locked down more traditional venues for public gatherings, many people have elected to move their events (Murder mysteries and or dinner theater) to an outside space instead. In addition, customers are becoming more and more used to eating and dining outside since it’s their only option. In response to this new set of circumstances that dictates we make a major shift in order to continue to deliver entertainment to our audiences, Riddlesbrood has decided to invest in a new, outside performance vehicle and stage to use in just these types of circumstances.  Our ‘Showmobile’, as we like to describe it, enables us to go to any parking lot, grassy field or almost any outdoor space and set up a full theatrical stage.

This traveling, portable, outdoor theater includes a raised platform, decorative proscenium, curtain, lighting, loudspeakers and everything else our actors need to provide fun, comedy entertainment at any outdoor function!  

So, if your event cannot be held indoors, as perhaps, you originally had hoped, now, there is no reason to cancel it or postpone it into an unknown future!  Give us a call and find out how easy it is to provide safe and engaging fun entertainment to your group today!

Outdoor entertainment selection 

Regardless of what type of private party you are planning, all of our affordable murder mystery and dinner theater shows can be done outdoors! Just click on the available shows list to view the diverse entertainment options we offer.


See what satisfied customers think about Riddlesbrood... 

We know that you are going to want the best outdoors entertainment for your organization, and we have performed 1000’s of events in tents, yards, parking lots and the like. To view feedback and letters of recommendation from some of our clients, just click on Testimonials

Outdoor Riddlesbrood Stage
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