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National Touring Theater Company!


          We are a National touring theater company based in New Jersey and travel our shows all over the north east as well as national and internationally.  Need a large mainstage or Broadway tour?  Or a smaller production for your venue?  We got you covered!  We have the right show for your budget and can bring the fun to your facility (Stage, Banquet rooms, black box theaters, Restaurants, etc) Unlike many national touring companies we have a HUGE selection of shows that you can choose in three different scales of production.  

Have Stage Will Travel


Our Company specializes in touring larger an smaller productions which are self-contained, and include all the set materials, lighting and wireless sound system.  Pricing varies based on the size and scale of the production that you require as well as distance, however most of our productions within New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware start at low as $1300/Show.  We pride ourselves on our flexibility with our technical riders and requirements. 


  • Generally we require 25 feet wide x 16 foot deep stage or playing area

  • Load in time of 6 hours (Some productions may take longer depending on the package you select)

  • Load out time is 4 hours 

  • We can use your own light plot and technician if budgets require little time for a hang and focus.

  • We come with our own wireless microphone systems and sound system but can also use the house equipment if available.


(Of course, we can speak to your Technical Director and go over all other details as well.  Our knowledgeable people want to save you money by using as few crew members as possible!  All technical riders will be provided prior to booking and are negotiable)



What kind of shows do we do? 


Our company specializes in producing high-energy, seasonal musical comedy shows designed to be economically advertised and enjoyed by as wide a demographic as possible.

We also do smaller Touring Children's Theater.


Riddlesbrood’s unique combination of hilarious characters, witty material, exciting lighting and dramatic special effects will keep your customers laughing and thanking you for the fun. In addition, our productions are visually exciting— designed to give your audience that “wow” factor that they expect.  We also keep it clean and never use ‘blue’ language in any of our productions.


national touring theater show
Multiple Shows to Choose From.


We have many different main-stage productions and shows that you can choose from that are ready to tour any day of the week!  We bring you your show on demand. (These are not the small Mystery shows, but large full Broadway style productions)


Give us a call! 

We are confident that you will find our production company and the shows we produce a mutually rewarding and positive experience.  For more information on our rider, technical requirements, availability or  special programs or schedule, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-866-BROOD-99.


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Mainstage touring theater show
Touring Christmas Production
Mainstage Kids Show
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Mainstage Robin Hood Show
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Mainstage Christmas Show
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