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Support Our Troupe and Prevent Them From Becoming Starving Artists!


In order to ensure that our actors never become starving artists, we have started a new business endeavor at our touring theater company.  We call it "The Broodfood Project".  What is "Broodfood", you ask?  Well, we have started our own garden at Riddlesbrood Headquarters and planted highly nutritious, purple fruit and vegetables!  We will be selling our "Broodfood" at local farmers' markets, fairs and festivals to help benefit our actors at the theater company and generate revenue for the maintenance and expansion of our garden.

Riddlesbrood HQ

If you would like to find out our schedule of appearances at local farmers' markets this summer and fall, in addition to our Trunk Shows at outdoor fairs and festivals, fill out our contact form and we'll see you soon!

For more information about the Traveling Trunk Show check out our blog!

Riddlesbrood shall bring "Broodfood" to Farmers' Markets, Fairs and Festivals starting in late August 2020.  So far, they have The Main Street Maple Shade Farmers' Market (Sunday, August 23rd, 10 AM - 1 PM)The Marlboro Farmers' Market (Sunday, August 30th, 9 AM - 2 PM) and The Maple Shade Sidewalk Sale Festival and Car Show (Saturday, September 12th, 8 AM - 3 PM) on their schedule.

Contact Us for more info!

Contact us!

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