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Rave Reviews for Riddlesbrood Theater Company Rocks Murder Mystery PA!

Residents of Pennsylvania are in for a tasty comedic treat of unparalleled humorous proportions now that Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company has set its sights for the Keystone State. For over a decade, Riddlesbrood's own brand of zany humor has provided a wide range of original murder mysteries with the perfect mixture of panache and sleuthing to make even the most reticent dinner theater patron or private party goer take a stab at guessing who the culprit is in their cleverly contrived "Who Dunnits?"

Whether it's their Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery, their Prohibition era Roaring Funnies Murder Mystery, or their witty CSI Crime Scene Idiots! PA Murder Mysteries will never be the same again! Riddlesbrood's Murder Mystery invasion of Eastern Pennsylvania is sure to leave a giant footprint that will not be easily filled by another theater company any time soon.

Case of Sherlock In PA
Sherlock holmes In PA

Just as the companies Murder Mysteries found their way into the special events calendars of so many corporations, restaurants and hotels in the garden state, Pennsylvania business owners and managers will soon discover that Riddlesbrood has the perfect anecdote for breaking up the daily work routine by providing their employees with an entertaining diversion that they can participate in and enjoy together.

Greeted by the costumed cast in character before each show, the audience is immediately entertained by these funny, colorful characters who challenge them to follow the clues closely during the first act of the show and they will be "greatly rewarded" for their astute observations. During the intermission, the cast, once again, appears among the audience to interact with them, giving additional and often, obscure, clues while they joke with them, improvising as they go along....One thing is for sure, no murder mystery PA show will be the same if Riddlesbrood is involved!

And, since Riddlesbrood creates all of their own original productions, PA business clients have the unique option of customizing their choice of shows by having certain people's names or specific products written into the play that their employees will recognize and relate to as the plot unfolds. This ability to offer such a personalized touch to any of their original offerings has proved to be a popular choice for business owners in NJ and will probably be as much of a desired addition to businesses that present the secrets of Riddlesbrood's murder mysteries PA.

Sherlock In PA
Sherlock In PA

But hosting a Riddlesbrood Murder Mystery at a private residence is an entirely different matter! Renown as a traveling theater company, Riddlesbrood has the distinction of being one of New Jersey's top presenters of comedy and murder mystery home parties. Now that the word is out about their murder mystery home parties coming to PA, be forewarned! If you are invited to a birthday party, anniversary party, family reunion, or other special occasion celebration in PA this year, and your host tells you Riddlesbrood Touring Theatre Company is going to be involved, you might want to ask your host for some more information, just in case you'd like to be prepared for the onslaught of laughter and unexpected twists and turns, as the murder mystery plot thickens.

There are many choices available for holding a home murder mystery PA event. One of the most popular ways is to invite your guests to a themed dinner or cocktail hour and afterwards, have Riddlesbrood present their show. Just as they would in a theater venue, the cast in costume will arrive early, before the party's start time, so they can greet your guests and engage them in their fun-filled, impromptu repartee, making them feel at once comfortable and intrigued about what is about to happen, all keeping in the spirit of your happy special occasion as everyone looks forward to becoming a sleuth for the evening.

After performing their Murder Mystery at children and teen parties for over 16 years, they know what it takes to hold a "killer" Murder Mystery in your home that is perfect for any family celebration. Whether it's a Children's Birthday Party, a Teen Party, a Sweet Sixteen Party or a Graduation Party, Riddlesbrood offers several different tried and true themed shows that children and their friends and family will be sure to find amusing, engaging and most of all, FUN!

set for show
Set up for A PA event

And, for all those "Landmark Birthdays" that bring families and friends together to celebrate a 21st Birthday Party, a 30th, 40th and "Over the Hill" 50th Birthday Party, and beyond, never mind, an Anniversary Party, a Family Reunion, or a Holiday Party, Riddlesbrood has created many different intriguing and entertaining adult themes to choose from that can be adapted for any occasion... like a Super Sleuth Sherlock Holmes 50th Birthday Party Murder Mystery or a Farewell Roaring 20's 30th Birthday Murder Mystery and so much more, making it easy for anyone to hold a Murder Mystery PA Party to die for!



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