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Hiring a Murder Mystery Company in a Rural Area

In the sweeping landscapes of rural America, where the pace of life is often slower and the nearest city lights are miles away, hosting an event can present unique challenges. This is especially true for those seeking to hire a murder mystery company or a dinner theater group in areas far removed from bustling urban centers like New York, Philadelphia, or Washington D.C. For residents and event planners in rural regions of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Upstate New York, Virginia, and the like, the logistics of bringing in specialized entertainment such as a murder mystery troupe can be daunting. This article explores these challenges and offers innovative solutions to make such events feasible and memorable.

Interactive Theater in Countryside
Interactive Theater in Countryside

Understanding the Challenge

The primary challenge in hiring a murder mystery company in rural areas stems from their distance from major population centers. Most professional troupes are based in or near large cities, where there is a higher demand for such entertainment. The distance not only impacts travel costs but also limits the availability of these companies, as actors and staff may be reluctant to commit to long travel times and overnight stays away from home. Negotiating a price that works for all parties requires right planning, creativity, and a bit of perseverance, making the setup of fun cultural events in rural communities a realizable goal.

Collaborative Solutions

Partnering with Local Accommodations

One effective solution is establishing partnerships with local accommodations. Hotels, inns, or bed and breakfast establishments can offer comfortable lodging for the troupe. This arrangement not only solves the lodging issue for the actors but also serves as an attractive selling point for the accommodations, drawing in guests and creating unique experiences. Additionally, if the company doesn’t have to cover lodging costs, this helps reduce overall expenses.

Resort Area Bartering

In tourist or resort destinations in the countryside, a mutually beneficial barter system is possible. Allowing the actors to enjoy the resort's amenities for free after the performance can significantly lower the overall cost of hiring the company. This arrangement can be particularly appealing for murder mystery companies, as it provides added value for their staff and can be a refreshing change from their usual urban venues. Note: Often, the pay for the talent is the highest cost.

Rural Retreat Entertainment
Rural Retreat Entertainment

Promotional Exchanges

Another approach is offering promotional support for the murder mystery company. Rural communities often have close-knit networks and a strong sense of local identity. Leveraging this to promote the event can be highly effective. In exchange for significant exposure, murder mystery companies might be willing to offer discounts or special packages. This can include featuring the company in local media, social media campaigns, and community events leading up to the performance.

Grants or Sponsors

Closing the gap when event planning in rural areas can also involve securing a grant from a local municipality or finding sponsors for assistance. This can cover the travel expenses and allow the organization of the desired entertainment.

Country-style western murder mystery
Country-style Interactive murder mystery


Hiring a murder mystery company in a rural area calls for creativity and a willingness to explore unconventional solutions. To effectively address the challenges posed by distance and infrastructure limitations, consider reaching out to Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company. As experts in touring entertainment since 2000, we have traveled extensively across the country, bringing our unique flair to various settings. By partnering with local accommodations and engaging in bartering with resort areas, we offer promotional support that benefits both event planners and our company. This approach creates unique opportunities for everyone involved, making the rural murder mystery experience rewarding and memorable. Riddlesbrood's expertise in captivating audiences in diverse locations can transform your event into an enchanting night of intrigue and excitement. For inquiries or to collaborate with us, please contact us at 609-377-9125 or email As rural communities continue to innovate in hosting events, the charm and allure of murder mystery nights in the countryside, enhanced by our seasoned expertise, are set to captivate audiences far and wide.



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