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New Year's Eve Murder Mystery Party

Planning your own New Year’s Eve party is a must-do if you want that party of the century reputation! But, it can be a daunting task if you don’t know the ropes. The pressure is on to create a magical night encompassing old friends and new beginnings. I am not surprised you stopped here first to find the answers on how to host a New Year’s Eve Murder Mystery Party. Well sit down, grab some champagne and leave the party planning to me, Madame Cluedefti your guide to a perfect Murder Mystery Event.

New Year’s Eve is an elegant night filled with anticipation from the hopes of an untouched new year ahead. Party goers are in high spirits and fancy clothes to ring in it in. When the ball drops, cheers are heard around the world. What better wa

new years eve party
new years murder mystery

y to send you and your friend’s into 2014 then with a Murder Mystery Event?

You have gathered from all over New Jersey to be together on this special occasion. Choosing to host a New Year’s Eve Murder Mystery Party will ensure a great night of laughs and suspense. These parties are not like your average ‘Box-of-Mystery’ games you get online - they will send real actors to your house to put on the performance of a lifetime. These shows are interactive and ensure that the entire crowd is involved!

Sit-down to a lovely dinner with friends and family and be entertained by some of the best in the business. Enjoy a buffet while also ingesting clues on how to solve a murder that happened right under your nose! These actors will make you laugh, wonder and well, maybe, cry...from hysterics that is! Let them entertain your guest’s while you sit back and watch the hilarity unfold right before your eyes.

Incorporate a theme to your event - A New Year’s favorite from Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company is ‘The Roaring Funnies’ - a gang-bustin’, flapping good time for your guests! Have them get involved and dress the part! Incorporating your guest’s into the performance, like having them wear speakeasy costumes will boost the overall mood of the evening. Get a disco ball and the perfect decorations to also add to your New Year’s themed Murder Mystery Event. Grab streamers, whistles and other noise makers to also add to the ambiance. Ya know what would be great for twenties theme New Year’s bash? Guns that shoot out flag phrases - not bullets! Leave these knick knacks on the tables so each of your guests has one when the ball drops.

new years mystery party
interactive new years event

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! The New Year’s Eve countdown is the life of the party. It is why your attendees attended your shindig; to have some company and entertainment when counting down into the New Year. So why watch the countdown on a regular T.V. when you can have live entertainment announce it in the same room? Riddlesbrood offers this perk during your New Year’s Eve Murder Mystery Party because it brings the entire extravaganza together, fixated on one thing. Having a live countdown also adds to the night, making it seem more powerful and real - like you’re right there in Times Square.

And after the ball drops? Enjoy the DJ Riddlesbrood will supply so you can dance the night away! Kisses are done, champagne has been drank and now it’s time to have one last hooray before keeping the resolutions made hours prior. One that you should keep - using Riddlesbrood Touring Theater to host your New Year’s Eve Murder Mystery Party. To see other themes available and to check out their New Year's Eve Murder Mystery info. To speak with them directly please call 866-276-6399.



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