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Choosing the Perfect Theme for Your Murder Mystery Party!

Hello, Hello. I am Madame Cluedefti, your eyes into the dramatic world of murder mystery. Come in, sit down, let’s discuss choosing the best theme for your murder mystery party. 

Murder Mystery Theme
Christmas Carol Murder Mystery

Choosing a theme for a party can be a fantastic way to bring more life and energy to your event.  This entails taking a more holistic approach to your party.  Not just the show and the food but also the room decorations, place settings, background music, and the like need to be center stage .  You’ve seen it!  Remember that Halloween Party you went to where the walls were adorned with skeletons, orange streamers and black table cloths?  Exactly!  That’s the theme to an event—And it can be done with almost anything from Mardi Gras to Cinco de mayo!

The general look and feel of your Murder Mystery Party is one of the most important elements in throwing a murder mystery. This needs to keep your attendees interest for the entirety of the program.  In this article I will explain how figure it all out!

The Essentials

  1. Type of Rendezvous (Company Party, Fundraiser, Birthday, etc)

  2. Your Audience Demographic (Men, women, kids, seniors, etc)

  3. Event Site (Is it your house, a banquet facility or something else)

  4. Setting (The mood of the site combined with the season or holiday)

The Rendezvous

What type of gathering are you hosting? Many times, the purpose of your get together will impact the theme you may want to choose greatly.  Is this an all-night dance-a-thon or perhaps a formal sit down engagement?  Is this shindig for a friend’s birthday party or perhaps a business lunch for busy professionals?  Make sure the topic correlates, or at least is not at odds, with the primary goals for the event.

Knock, Knock...Who’s there?

CSI Murder Mystery
CSI Murder Mystery

We need to understand the demographic of your guests before moving forward. Certain shows are geared for specific people. If the event is primarily for an older crowd, let’s steer clear of the young, generational themes like “sci-fi” or “Vampires”. The mature may prefer more established themes like a 1920’s gang buster! 

A children’s birthday or an event with a large teenage circle, might not relate to the dry Victorian humor of Sherlock Holmes while a pirate theme would strike the better chord. Kids love walking the plank and playing with gold coins!

For a general admission show like a fundraiser you have more flexibility.  Going with a Sherlock Holmes murder mystery in this case would be right on target. This motif has classic written all over it.  It meets their expectations and would not seem out of place with a 20-60’s crowd.

Location, Location, Location!

Another important element in deciding your party’s style is the venue. Did you rent a modern banquet hall for your gathering or an old colonial Inn in New Jersey or Pennsylvania? Capitalize on what you have available! If you have rented a space in an old stone castle, well a medieval or Halloween theme will work very well in that setting—A game show, not so much.  Keep in mind and avoid that subtle awkwardness that can be created when the location conflicts with the show, the food or your events purpose.

Banquet halls are venues that you can play around with more. This generic type of atmosphere gives the host or hostess a “Clean Palette” to decorate themselves. Thus creating their own statement.  

Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery
Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery

Party favors and trinkets are key in transforming the night! Make sure your design is easy to buy for and affordable.  Check out Riddlesbrood's Murder Mystery Pinterest Page for decor ideas.

The Context of the Season.

Many special events are scheduled during the busy spring and fall months.  This is also a time that is crowded with holidays This means cultural themes need to be taken into account.  For example, December is generally dominated by Christmas and other Holiday themes’, so doing a horror show is going to seem out of place. 

Now that’s an obvious example, but sometimes these conflicts are more difficult to spot.  Like doing a detective themed murder mystery on Valentine’s day weekend because it fit your schedule—Then not recognizing the holiday.   Remember that your guests have heard radio jockeys talking about it, friends, news anchors, etc.  Pretending it’s not Valentine’s day just makes your event seem out of touch.  Incorporate it into the show somehow, and your guests will feel in sync!

Costumes & Dress Up

Your invited should always come first when planning an occasion like this. If you’re thinking of asking your guests to wear costumes, make sure they feel comfortable at all times.  Make sure they feel confident when walking through the door! Pick an idea that is simple enough for all to participate in! Especially if this is a professional or work setting.  If people think they may look silly in front of their peers, they will not participate.  Create excitement for the event! Enthusiastic guests will appreciate the hard work you put into the affair. 

Last But NEVER Least!

Houdini  Murder Mystery
Houdini Murder Mystery

Certain entertainment companies might not be able to accommodate your unique party. They may only offer one or two types of amusement in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Do not settle on choosing the perfect theme of your murder mystery party because of an organization. Just like your extravaganza is unique, so is Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Troupe. They can offer you a wide range of enjoyment plus the assistance on how to make it memorable for all included! If you do not like a Murder Mystery Themes they offer, they will customize it just for you! 

Please reach out to them directly with any questions or concerns during your planning at 866-276-6399.

Thank you, please come again. 



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