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Children's Tale of Harken

This short story is designed to help expand the language and coin some new words. If you would like to learn more about the Magical World of Harken, make sure to buy our book!

Boy walking through spooky Forest in Harken
Boy walking through spooky Forest in Harken

In the murky expanses of the Ringwood, nestled within the mystical land of Harken, a boy meandered, his eyes a mirror to the living things that swayed and fluttered around him. His soul, an observer to the vibrant life forms, found a spectacle where every living thing whispered tales of existence, yet he remained an outsider, a spectator to the assortment unfolding before him. The plants and animals, each an organism, narrated silent stories of biology and ecology, yet he knew he was a separate entity, an observer of the natural history that was not his own.


Aw gomo yuhneespaa ga e Tarthaur Laer ga, ai aabaltaami deyaw nool zaitlee e Harken, ewawwol chaeg, loo basheln otlai aatmaukesal pa elboodneemee ga, ai aaliftad ee iliflit baema bashen. Awkoon setlik basheln, algen eltikneelmee rau, aeyatraugen tlande awhawnaw khograneem odoomoo e autplen, oot aalaiden bashen aeram yoh, argen doonald ai imaudabi yuhneema bashen. Tikibood ga thoowen thle eltikneem, autelaumuh odoomoo puhrongee bae tikzain ee bae echetikneemzain, oot bashen eegrak tho bashen eram elboodneem atmaunagaegee, algen rooshdoolm tho zreram oo basheln.


He walked gently, respecting everything that lives and breathes, his fingers lightly tracing the animate tissue, feeling the life through each membrane, yet knowing his essence was fundamentally different. The forest, a realm where organic matter danced in a celebration of life, offered both edible and inedible treasures, yet he knew he was not a part of this vibrant tapestry. His heart, alive and pulsating, observed from a distance, respecting, admiring, yet always separate from the living tableau before him.


Bashen aesheloog otlai brae, oodaug ikhograneem, geetlere basheln oonot otlai pla ipuhtzigneem boodee, awchooth itikneem aataw himneem thoo, oot bashen eegrak tho eplaech basheln eram doo ootlai ootshawkesee. Tarthaur ga, nool tlande tikneemeed aazaep tichee atmek e tikneem, obeer aaskath yuhmneemee ee yuhkneemee, oot bashen eegrak tho bashen zreram khith e tlaumez rau de. Thleen basheln, ai aeboodneem daebuh ai awboom, aehlaanteer se yuhneecheemad oodaug aeshool, oot atmaunagaegee ootlai wawrgidee se lootokh ga ai aetikneem yuhneema bashen.


Founder walking in Harken ringwood
Founder walking in Harken ringwood

But as he ventured further, the vibrant tableau morphed into a grotesque display of decay and death. Carrion, once teeming with life, now lay lifeless, their inanimate forms a horrifying juxtaposition to the vitality he had observed from afar. His heart, once a distant observer, now plummeted into an abyss as he encountered a corpse, its vacant eyes a silent, haunting testament to the ephemeral nature of life.


Oot tootlende ewawwol bashen staitleste, auyoon lootokh rau ga aeyatraugen grolzee e andyuhktag ee e andtoon. alyuhktag, yuhneetlai staita e tikneem, hlaud awbran otlai neemyuh, dawt tluhlt shadantee dagereed ai ootawn odraugroor dageree raud ga au bashen aehlaanteer se yuhneecheemad. Thleen basheln, yuhneetlai algen yuhneecheema, hlaud aslawth awyaa helgaap. tootlende bashen ootoog aayalhuhngtag. Loonoo tadyuh tluhlt aituhteluhm puhrongee ai oduhwaitbooh bae plaech khae e bood.


The air thickened with the stench of decay, the ground squelching beneath his feet, now a graveyard of beings reduced to inorganic matter. Shadows, twisted and contorted, morphed into grotesque figures, their fingers clawing at the remnants of extinct species, whispering tales of extinction and despair. Fossils, once silent markers of existence, now lay as haunting reminders of the fragility of life, of the transient nature of all that breathes and moves.


Breeth uhkhoong tichee fegraufakh atyuhktalg, gruhn ga uhspuhchluhchuh yeethai he basheln, hlaud ashlahuhngtag e boodneemee au aeyeron imautikneemeed. Graebae, ai uhretluhki, auyoon uhdawtaw grolzee, geetlere bashel ai oosenslaashkas ebri pletlan aluhleeftalg ai awhawn odoomoo e andleeftag ee woodwaald. Stawrgimiki, yuhneetlai nekot e autplen, hlaud aahuhngtag otlai atwere ai ooduhwaitbooh e gawd e tikneem. e plaech khae e khograneem.


His steps faltered, his heart gripped by an unspeakable fear, as the forest transformed into a nightmarish landscape, where every shadow concealed horror unspoken, where every rustle of the leaves whispered threats of demise. The boy, paralyzed by terror, felt the oppressive weight of death suffocating him, the eerie silence punctuated by the ghastly howls of spectral beings, lurking in the periphery of his vision.


Ske basheln aelaath ithleen basheln aayool ite eetzabookh amaubandfenee, tootlende tarthaur ga auyoon ebrakaech waisklaangee, tlande graeb thoo aawaenaa draugroor au aamaufaane, tlande kuhshlaath thoo e hle awhawn akhaahaa bae zaaktonag. Chaeg ga, au iloosh ite fleg, awyis aetled tageeld ai oluhyeg aebashen aayee, ai awguhh aebashen, yuhneeloogeed skeeprookee ga, au awgreet ite graethae skaa elboodneelmee boohee, ai oohaeshoo aw waedraning andgeln basheln.


Yet, amidst the horror, a gentle glow emerged, spirits of ancestors and those who once partook in the adventures with Riddlesbrood, ethereal and magnificent, weaving through the darkness, dispelling the terror that had ensnared his soul. They spoke of animism, of an animistic belief that every entity, whether living or dead, held a sacred place in the tapestry of existence, especially in the fantastical homeland of Harken. His trembling hands were gently enveloped by a spectral being, an amulet, a magic object, bestowed upon him, its gentle glow piercing through the darkness, dispelling the horrors that had besieged him.


purple backpack in Harken
purple backpack in Harken

Oot, awchee draugroor ga, nim brae aispaug sidriki olsendailsai ga ee gawe ai wentleste uhstuhshai igawkheetee chee Riduhlzbrood ga, slaidrae ee mikla ai ewawwelo aataw yuhneespaad, oyawzratonaw ifleg ai oosenaeshlaegreeth eesetlik basheln. Bashe aafen bae baanchabooh, bae itruhnim baanchaboohee tho elboodneem thoo hondra boodee haw tagee, eegen aepaashleh kartho kothai brawthlof autpleln, otlai skaree aw aithenool thleenae e Harken. Ro basheln ai otlimo au aithlair otlai brae ite elboodneem boohee, eshlaeth gath e zaitleel aakin aa bashen, nim tluhlt brae izeesket aataw ayuhneespaad, ooyawzratawn odraugroo ga ai aashlaab aebashen.


Communing with ghosts, the boy found solace, a comforting assurance that even in death, a form of existence persisted. The spirits, gentle guardians of the spectral realm, guided him through the darkness, their presence a comforting balm to his terror-stricken soul. These spirits, once vibrant beings, friends of Riddlesbrood, now immortalized in the spectral realm of Harken, whispered tales of exploits and mysteries, of lives lived fully and boldly.


Tichee ondchaatbooh, awkoon chaeg ga ozoosh ayootslaash ai ozooshakin tho echi aatlai zaaktonag, slawt e autplen alaiden. Sidriki ga, aelthele brae e nool boohee ga, aihlaes aebashen aataw yuhneespaad, aenduhtlaudram bashel otlai pluhng ai ozooshakin skau setlik basheln au aashlaab ite draugoo. Sidriki de, wentleste elboodneemee rau bawdingi Riduhlzbroold, hlaud au omaubenaatawn aw nool boohee e Harken, awhawn odoomoo bae gawkheetee ee bae riduhz, bae drazageenee au aetikneem otlai staita ee kaaloo.


He emerged from the Ringwood, forever changed, his path illuminated by the understanding that life and death, joy and horror, physical and spectral, were eternally intertwined, each giving meaning to the other in the endless cycle of existence, always observing, always respecting, yet always separate. His ancestors, now spirits of the land, watched over him, their quests with Riddlesbrood forever echoing in the whispering winds of Harken, immortalized in the very essence of the mystical land.


Bashen aispaug se Tarthaur Laer ga aw wawrgid otawnawdoong aebashen uhtdenhaus basheln eram staispaa ite indhlaed tho tineemitageed, plinthlaadidraugroor, gruhneedibooheed, aebashe aanagaeg aw wawrgid, thoowen aakin auyeenduhdanaith oone aw teel itonyuh autpleln, ehlaanteer khogratlai, oodaug khogratlai, oot atmaunagaegee khogratlai. Olsendaisai basheln, hlaud sidriki drailil, ethel aebashen, gawkheetee bashel chee Riduhlzbrood istis aw wawrgid aw fashbaw ai uhhawn e Harken, au omaubenaatawn ite plaech ga drailil zaitlee ga.


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