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The Greatest Brochure in the World


You pull the curtain aside and barely perceive a dark blur hanging in the back of the theater. Something lurks behind the audience—peering betwixt innocent faces.  Looking over slumped shoulders; encroaching, watching and waiting for a sign to invade.  What this thing is you cannot tell.


Yet, sometimes, Reader, seemingly innocent brochures can peddle more than mere amenities. Sometimes, they unfold into the inexplicable—unshrouding dark things long kept hidden.  For, while some act upon the stage, a drama of a more wicked order plays out among the crowd.

Make no mistake, you are on the precipice of being drawn into a baffling riddle which will likely unnerve you—a perilous pathway to theater's crueler side. These pages mask an unusual epic of a Gothic fantastical sort containing so many twists and horrors you'll be thankful you have a guide, even if you’re unsure of his motives....Time will tell if your chaperone is malevolent, benevolent - or both! Nefarious or not, he remains your best chance for navigating the mysteries and ghostly encounters woven into these puzzling and often, frightening, sales materials.  Once knowledge about the forces at work are properly seared into your brain you'll understand why Clyde P Riddlesbrood’s acting troupe MUST prepare for battle.As you follow this curious band of actors you'll bear witness to their discoveries about the primal mind of mankind and a mystic language that helps them protect their audiences from evil.


Note: The 2019 Version is available now on Amazon.  Click the 'Buy now' Button Below.


The Riddlesbrood Book
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