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Riddlesbrood Hits the Ground Laughing on the Local Festival & Fair Circuit

Back in the days of steam locomotives and horse drawn carriages, hungry, nomadic Thespians, just like traveling salesmen in the 1800's, traversed the country with nothing but a big steamer trunk that not only contained all of their worldly belongings, but also colorful costumes and zany props they needed to put on a "road" show as they made their way across the nation trying to eek out a living as an actor.

Clyde and Nix entertaining the kids
Clyde and Nix entertaining the kids

When they rolled into town, they did their best to attract attention in these diversion starved towns and draw crowds to their makeshift outdoor performances. Thus, the "Trunk Show" was born and struggled to stay alive until actual theaters devoted to providing regular entertainment cropped up, drawing people to them for an  elegant night "on the town" and leaving the roving actors out in the cold.

Enter Clyde P. Riddlesbrood, Professor Emeritus of Comedic Repertoire, Empresario of the Dramaturlogical, and founder of touring theatre company, an original troupe in New Jersey, some 19 years ago. Realizing the unique value of a such a "portable" show centuries later, Professor Riddlesbrood has revived the historic traveling "Trunk Show", breathing new life into the tradition of bringing a production on the road to entertain audiences, wherever they might be, instead of the audiences having to come to a brick and mortar theater to see a show.                 

But Riddlesbrood Touring Theatre Company puts on more than just a show as in the days of old.  Aware that there are still centuries old mysteries in the universe that man's reasoned thinking has yet to solve, great unknowns—quizzical questions that continue to baffle mankind, Professor Clyde P. Riddlesbrood has set his sights on reaching out to connect with and help humanity by traveling from fair to festival with a trunk full of Truth to illuminate his audiences wherever he goes! Imbued with ancient wisdom that defies description, he has mastered the ability to, at once, suspend disbelief, charm, and enchant...

Jersey devil puppet
Jerry and Jeff

So, when you catch sight of his Trunk Show set up at a fair or festival, gather round his alluring purple and gold tent with tables accented with ancient artifacts, wonders of nature, and mysterious objects gathered from across time and the ends of the universe. You will then see the ineffable set that lies behind the stage of the world. Once you are caught up in his masterful theatrics, you will find laughter to be infectious as you are enticed to play games, volunteer for bizarre activities, and maybe even win a prize! Just be mindful and don’t turn around, for who knows what might be lurking behind you!

As you converge at his booth, be prepared to be amazed as the adroit Professor taps into the secrets hidden deep in his audiences' minds none but him dare to reveal.  Dads will be dazzled,  Moms will be enamored with the grandiloquent performance of this master showman, and teens will twitter away.

The Professor's Traveling trunk show is sure to delight spectators of all ages. Each performance is great for a small, strolling audience of up to 25 people. And, it doesn't take long for Clyde and his trusty companion, Nix, to engage passerby's. As the convivial pair wax  phantasmagorical, children enthusiastically volunteer to jump in to play a game with them as parents watch from the sidelines, although parents are often tempted to join in the antics, too.  And everyone always leaves the surprise-filled, uplifting show at the Riddlesbrood tent, forever thanking you for the fun!

The Professor and Nix arrive on site!!!
The Professor and Nix arrive on site!!!

For Fair and Festival Planners or any other Producer of a public event, Riddlesbrood Touring Theatre Company offers a lion share of added entertainment for FREE, that is, in exchange for a booth space and the posting of Riddlesbrood's logo and link on the event's website. Generally, Riddlesbrood will perform four 15-20 minute performances on the hour, at the top of the hour, for up to four hours. But there is a great deal of flexibility with the times and lengths of the shows so that their performances will best compliment and conform to the existing schedule of events.

At the Pumpkin fest
the gang is all here

Riddlesbrood has already begun to make its mark on the local Fair and Festival circuit.  This year, they will be appearing at a variety of fairs and festivals, adding another dimension of fantastic, hilarious entertainment to events in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and New York. Keep your eye open for their appearances at events near you.

For anyone interested in booking "Professor Clyde P. Riddlesbrood's Traveling Trunk Show" to add to the entertainment at their Fair or Festival or any other type of outdoor or indoor event at no extra cost, they can contact Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company at 609-377-9125 to find out their availability and event schedule or for more information.



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