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Murder Mystery Party Vineland NJ


Riddlesbrood has done several murder mystery parties in Vineland and south Jersey!  Merighi’s Savoy Inn hosted a Murder Mystery party where we did CSI for a big company function.  We also worked at the Landis Theater where we performed 'Harken'- A game of Phones interactive show.  This show is very unique as the audience can actually interact with the show using their smartphones!  During the show, everyone gets to play by no only guessing the murderer, but also deciding which scenes happen and which characters are interviewed.  No other murder mystery party can boast of such a feat!  Of course, like all murder mystery shows, at the end all of the people get the chance to decide who they think the killer was, and what clues lead them to that conclusion, at the end, the winners receive a funny prize. 


Some words from the Client: Landis Theater


"The local community was so happy with being involved in your show!  So many of the parents that attended had nothing but positive things to say about the entire experience."

CSI murder Mystery in Vineland NJ
Book us today for your Murder Mystery Party in Vineland NJ!


We have all of the best ideas for your event.  We do everything for you from start to finish, making the process simple and easy.  We do shows everywhere in New Jersey so if you're looking for some fantastic murder mystery entertainment for your organization, just call us at 866-276-6399.

The Landis Theater Performing Arts Center (830 E. Landis Avenue
Vineland, NJ 08360) 
seats 750 people and has expanded stage and fly area can accommodate many murder mystery shows. Keep Riddlesbrood in mind if you are planning an event there!  The back stage expansion provides support areas for the Theater including dressing rooms, bathrooms with showers, rehearsal space. Additionally, The Theater lobby is perfect for corporate and community events!

Harken Murder Mystery
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