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Halloween Show!

Frankenstein Rocks!

Join us for "Frankenstein Rocks" A hauntingly hilarious Halloween treat; the perfect blend of mystery and comedy that will thrill you to the bone!  An original, family friendly musical production by Riddlesbrood Touring Theatre Company, "FRANKENSTEIN" was brought to life by the talented Brian Albert, who not only wrote the show, but also, composed/wrote the musical score and directs the show. Albert, an accomplished actor and musician, has performed in over 1,000 live performances and has been featured on TVs Discovery Channel, The Food Network and hosted a 12 episode show for Verizon Fios called "My Home 2.0".  He is also an avid inventor; creating some very wild one of a kind inventions. 


So be warned, "Frankenstein Rocks" will tickle your funny bone and keep you in stitches but don’t worry— in the end you’ll live happily ever cadaver!

The story revolves around the work obsessed mad Dr. Frankenstein himself, his loyal assistant and fun loving sidekick, Egor, and his flirtatious maid, Hildegarde, as they try to help the doctor create a new improved monster. Meanwhile, a local town legend and wartime hero, Baron Bratwurst, is called upon to investigate the recent mysterious murders that have plagued the villagers quiet little town. Will the Doctor succeed this time? Will the killer be caught? Will the Baron put an end to all this madness?


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Are you interested in booking this show for your venue?  Find out more on our Touring Theater Shows Page.w a little more about you.

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