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Top 3 Party Entertainment Ideas

Planning a party is about making sure that from start-to-finish, your event keeps your guests having a blast. When it comes to deciding how you want to entertain your party guests, you may want to go straight for the top of the list. This list of the three most popular party entertainment ideas is based on two factors:

how reliably they succeed at wowing the crowd, and how popular they are with our clients.

With party ideas like these, you can keep people entertained for hours and give people something to talk about after they leave. This will secure your reputation as a party planner extraordinaire.

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(#1) Murder Mystery Parties

Sherlock Holmes is as popular today as he was when he first appeared in a publication in 1887. And there's a good reason for that. There's something particularly satisfying about a detective who can use the clues at his disposal to track down and apprehend a bad guy.

And what could be better than if the detective in question was you?

The ultimate in whodunit party ideas, a murder mystery party pits all of your guests against each other as they try to work through the clues to find the murderer.

When you have a group of people coming to your party who are into party games, this option is a great way to go. It combines problem solving skills with one of a dozen themes -- including Sherlock Holmes, our John Doe Show, and even our Christmas-themed show Who Killed Jacob Marley?.

These shows are great for any large gathering -- like a wedding or a family reunion. They also work well at banquets, roasts, fundraisers, or general admission events.

We have an entire repertoire of live comedy that engages your guests and we can, with enough lead time, build a customized show just for you!

Riddlesbrood gameshow
Riddlesbrood gameshow

(#2) Game Shows

People love to watch game shows on television. In fact, there's an entire channel on cable that's dedicated exclusively to replaying episodes of old game shows.

The Price is Right has been on television continuously since 1972 and over 70,000 people have "come on down". Jeopardy! has been king of television trivia since 1964. Hollywood Squares was on television for almost forty years.

All three of these shows had one thing in common: a winning formula.

Our game show programs are equally successful -- some of them having been performed for fourteen years. If you have a group of party goers who are witty and smart, trivia might be the way to go. Or perhaps high-action games requiring a lot of movement will keep your party pumped with adrenaline.

For instance, we have a game show called "Interactivity", which engages about 25 party guests per hour. We have real, working podiums that we've constructed, prizes for the winners, and funny questions and answers.

This particular show is very popular in the summertime, as it can be played outdoors (like on a beach deck or in a park) or can be moved indoors in the event of inclement weather. It also fits well with a DJ/dance party as a way to give your guests a fun break.

Whichever one you chose, our game show parties have launched a thousand smiles and they are some of our favorite shows to perform because finding ways to inject humor into a trivia show is a particularly gratifying feat.

the inspector
the inspector

(#3) Scavenger Hunts

Tales of buried treasure have been around since the dawn of time. The reason why the most famous Caribbean pirates who made their birth from Tortuga have been so romanticized in popular culture (despite being vicious cut-throat murderers) is simply because they left so much of their treasure buried around the Caribbean that modern-day treasure hunters live and breathe their history for a chance to find these hidden caches of wealth.

A scavenger hunt taps into the inner desire of all people to seek out and find booty.

A boost to any party, a scavenger hunt is a great way to encourage team work. But this isn't an option you should consider exclusive for corporate team-building events or family reunions. Any time you have a crowd of party goers who are divided into groups (by affiliation, by gender, by company, etc), you can turn those divisions into an asset by sending them out as a group to find items on their list and then come back together to compare notes at the end.

This is a great way to trick independent groups into interfacing with each other at a party where they would naturally separate into distinctive groups and huddle together in corners.

The key to a good scavenger hunt is to know your audience. If there are children, you'll need stuff that they can easily find that isn't placed too high. If you have seniors, you'll need stuff that isn't placed too low. And if you have people dressed as pirates, you'll need to bury chests full of booty. A scavenger hunt is a fantastic way to bring together diverse groups of people in a fun and engaging way that encourages making new friends and meeting new people.

For Those of You in New Jersey or Pennsylvania

There are dozens of types of parties you can host, but these three are known for being simple and effective. If you hire a quality entertainment company to add pizazz and organization, they are the source of tons of laughs and compliments that will make you look good. If you live in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania area and would like to talk about these or any of our other services, give us a call. We'd love to hear from you so we can talk about your party plans and see how we can help make your event a success.

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