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Themed Theater Weddings

Every little girl imagines their perfect wedding at a very young age. But maybe instead of a white dress and a church you are wearing a heavy, purple, cloak down the aisle of a Transylvanian castle.  Maybe beneath your clogs lays a red velvet carpet and the pews are drenched in thick, yellow knotted ropes.  Or perhaps you’re not walking down the aisle but walking the planks of a Pirate galleon!  The guest’s ditched their suits for coat of arms, Victorian costumes, or the tri-corned hats of privateers!  You are about to run the gauntlet carrying your heart on your sleeve. Have fun!  You’re about to wed your knight in shining armor.

medieval wedding
medieval wedding

A traditional wedding does not speak to you and your partner? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  You’re an extraordinary couple and your wedding needs to match the distinctive traits that make you special.  The Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company can help!  Having produced shows for over 14 years we can provide multiple sets for your themed wedding idea in New Jersey.  We can bring our skills to bear on your special day and make you the star of the show!

It takes a true individual to go against the wind and plan an nontraditional ceremony; which is exactly what you two want;  A gathering that shows your personality, not the everyday style that we have come accustom too.

You’re not an everyday couple.

There are many reasons why couples have been opting for a themed wedding.  First of all they provide a unique set and backdrop that shows your creative side and how far you’re willing to go to pronounce your love for your significant other.  Another is the cool photo and video opportunities a themed wedding provides.  Adding flare to your special day will provide endless entertainment for your patron’s and truly make you happy, which is the most important.  Unlike everyone else you know, your wedding video will be one to watch over and over again!

pirate wedding
pirate wedding

Argh! Did someone say buried gold? Maybe they are golden rings! Riddlesbrood offers many different themes from pirates, Medieval, Steam Punk, Halloween and more.   Focus your theme around the season. This particular idea will work great for an indoor/outdoor wedding near the Jersey Shore.  With dozens of themes and hundreds of decorations your attendees will not know where your shipped them off too!

Riddlesbrood team of trained professionals will be in and out of your venue transforming it right before your very eyes.  The crew will come and survey your space to make sure they have everything they need to alter it completely taking you to the exact place you want to go, without leaving the state. They will provide lighting, backdrops, decorations and whatever else your heart desires on this special day. Once set-up is complete and you give your seal of approval the team exits the scene, leaving you as the center of attention. Only to return to load up and take it away with only your photos left to tell the tale!

Colonial Wedding Theme
Colonial Wedding Theme

Riddlesbrood has provided many happy couples with exquisite themed weddings in New Jersey. For more information on their services, they may even be able to provide an officiant. To speak with them directly please call 866-276-6399

We wish you a long, happy marriage and hope you decide to get married in style, whatever theme you choose. 

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Miembro desconocido
14 oct 2018

Last night we were very much entertained by the Riddlesbrood entertainers at Peachfield with the story of the Jersey Devil. Not only did the performers totally entertain the guests, they saved the day. Because of some unforeseen weather issues the audience was not entirely happy until the Riddlesbrood theatre group entered the tent. The audience was so delighted by the show they seem to forget the slight inconvenience of a crowded venue. I'm sure that Riddlesbrood gained 40 new fans last night. Thanks so much for an over the top performance!

Me gusta
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