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Summer Murder Mystery Party in NJ

Ahhh, those “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer . . . those days of mystery, and pirates, and games.”  (Hey, you sing the song your way . . . I’ll sing it mine!)  Good day.  I’m here to tell you that a Summer Murder Mystery Party in NJ with pirates or other crazy characters, or a high-energy live comedy game show is a fantastic way to celebrate any occasion this time of year.  Your summer party doesn’t have to be the same old lazy scene . . . unless, of course, you really enjoy listening to Uncle Tommy playing “Yankee Doodle” on his ukulele for the one-hundredth time.   If you’re challenged with planning your next family get together or little Susie’s tenth birthday party and your brain is hazy trying to come up with something fun and new . . . do not stress, for the answer is simple.  It’s super easy and stress-free to simply hire Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Group to entertain at your barbeque, picnic, family reunion, or summer party.  Riddlesbrood does all the work, unobtrusively and professionally, so you can still be lazy on your hammock if you wish - - - just leave it all up to us!  We arrive with professional quality sets, sound effects, props, costumes, actors and hilarity!  Whatever you want, whether it’s indoors or out, we can accommodate any size space or audience. 

kids camp murder mystery
kid camp murder mystery

When the weather is warm, outdoor events are more popular, and two of our murder mystery themes are especially suited for an outdoor performance.  The first one I want to tell you about is our pirate-themed mystery, “Shiver Me Timbers.”  This swashbuckling show will get your guests swaggering about like sailors and growling with a hearty, “argh.”  Pirate costumes are fun additions, but optional . . . for your guests that is – not our actors!  Don’t worry, we won’t force ye mateys to walk the plank if yer not wearin’ yer eye patch.  Partygoers will solve the mystery of the buried treasure in the shadow of Riddlesbrood’s awesome one-of-a-kind pirate ship on wheels.  The “Shiver Me Timbers” summer murder mystery works exceptionally well around pools or lakes (even though our pirate ship is on wheels) for private parties, and also for businesses at summer camps and school functions.  It’s especially popular with children, but adults enjoy it, too.  Our buccaneer actors can even play pirate-themed croquet with your guests.  And have no fear, they’ve sworn to stick to the pirate code – no cheatin’ allowed! 

summer pirate murder mystery
summer pirate murder mystery

Another murder mystery theme that’s more popular during fair weather is our “Medieval Mayhem” show.  This mystery transports your guests back to the Dark Ages with hunchbacked ogres, mystical magicians, knights in shining armor, and dreary dungeons . . . but without painful torture devices . . . unless, of course, you include our actors’ jokes!  It’s like having your very own Renaissance Faire.  Ideal for an outdoor celebration, this medieval-themed show has pleased many a lord and lady both young and old.  In addition, you can coordinate the food you serve at your party to match the theme of the event.  This is completely optional of course, but some King Henry the eighth-sized turkey legs on the grill and some cold mead might enhance your party guests’ powers of deductive reasoning as they solve the mystery contained in “Medieval Mayhem.”    

If you’re looking for something other than a murder mystery, another one of our most popular summer-time shows is our “Cash A-La-Carte” game.  This unique show can be played outdoors, as we can provide a tent, or it can be moved indoors if it rains.  Our zany M.C. will lead your guests through fast-paced parodies of your favorite game shows from TV Land in this high-energy, interactive comedy.  Step right up and spin that wheel . . . guess that price . . . or test your wit by answering trivia questions.   If you give us adequate advance notice, (my crystal ball is currently out for repairs, so I can’t predict what you’ll need) we can customize the Game to fit your particular crowd or event.  For example, if there are teenagers or children, they play a different game and get different questions than adults.  We can also include personalized trivia, company information, or inside jokes.  This fun party consists of the portable game show system which comes with stand-up player podiums, real working buzzers, a sound system, and a video projection arrangement.   "Cash A-La-Carte ” is perfect for all types of occasions such as family reunions, birthday parties, team building events, and even tradeshows and conventions. 

summer murder mystery NJ
summer murder mystery nj

So, whether you’re planning a Summer Murder Mystery Party in NJ or anywhere else ... contact us!  We’ll make your lazy, hazy crazy days of summer more enjoyable because we’ll do all the work, and we’ll bring the crazy (crazy fun that is . . . not crazy like your aunt Mabel) . . . and we’ll take all the hazy confusion out of creating the best party you’ve ever had!

Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company can fulfill all your party needs with murder, mystery and laughter!   For more information, please visit or call them at 866-276-6399.  To see a live performance please check their calendar.

By Clyde P Riddlesbrood



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