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Halloween and Fantasy Theme Party Ideas!

Cue the music, Moonwalk dance, and a deep, scary voice:

“The final hour is close at hand … but there’s still time to party plan.

You can’t decide what to do … to entertain your curious crew.

Fantasy-theme party ideas confound … and are way too hard to get off the ground.

But there’s one sure way to boost your mood … just ask Clyde P. Riddlesbrood!

Cause it’s your thriller… chiller plight, and Riddlesbrood’s gonna save you from the panic ‘bout to strike!”

Insert Vincent Price-like maniacal laughter here … but, seriously, there’s no need to fear. That laughter is only you . . . deliriously happy . . . when you realize there’s no need to panic if you haven’t yet planned your fall or Halloween event, because Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company offers the best fun-filled, spooky Halloween and fantasy theme party ideas. So, if you live in the NJ, PA, DE, MD and NY areas and have been searching for the perfect Halloween and fantasy theme party ideas, check out what the folks at Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company have to offer.

Riddlesbrood performs several shows that are perfect for Halloween, such as their “Franken-Murder” murder mystery. Franken-Murder is Riddlesbrood’s own humorous, version of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.” Help Doctor Frankenstein and Igor piece together clues, (and their new monster), in this horror-themed mystery which can be performed for smaller house parties and other space-limited venues, or for larger events which could include spectacular custom-made scenery, innovative props, elaborate special effects, and creative costumes. Franken-Murder is one of Riddlesbrood’s most popular Halloween and fantasy themed party ideas and is sure to keep your crowd in stitches … but don’t worry— in the end they all live happily ever cadaver! (Insert Frankenstein-like groaning noise here.)

Another murder mystery that Riddlesbrood adapted specifically for Halloween is their “Sherlock Holmes - Tavern Spirit” show. Grab your spyglass and join the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes and his trusty assistant as they conjure up clues and spirits in this zany Halloween-themed whodunit. One never knows who may appear out of nowhere like a ghost to recount a dubious alibi. Could the murderer be the high-strung, over-sized Italian chef … or the crazy one-eyed pirate with the cantankerous parrot? It could also be the eccentric Scotsman with the hysterical over-the-top accent, or the nervous trigger-happy Ghostbuster who’s at the ready to capture any suspicious spirit with his ghost-blaster contraption. Rest assured your guests’ spirits will soar as they determine which wacky suspect is the murderer.

Or, perhaps your group would enjoy Riddlesbrood’s “House of Conundrums” show? Among Halloween and fantasy theme party ideas, this is one of the best, as your guests can experience being trapped inside a haunted house with Clyde P. himself. This original, unique “Twilight Zone-style” show will transport your guests to another dimension, not only of sight and sound but of mind, as they assist Clyde in escaping the labyrinth. “House of Conundrums” can be performed anywhere for any type of fantasy themed party, but is especially ideal for any size Halloween private gathering or house party. There’s the signpost ahead - your next stop, the Riddlesbrood zone!

Also perfect for a Halloween or fantasy theme party is “Houdini’s Whodunit.” Your party guests will be amazed when Harry Houdini, the grand illusionist, escapes death from The Great Beyond and returns to earth to teach a novice magician how to solve a deadly crime and escape from any trap. It’s no illusion . . . Riddlesbrood will give your guests the opportunity to assist the magician and Houdini in solving this puzzling murder mystery. 

No matter which Halloween and fantasy theme party idea you choose, you may want to include some exciting additions that will thrill your guests more than a shock from Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory! Forget the electrodes, Riddlesbrood’s spooky D.J. will keep your guests lively when you add music and dancing to your event. Just imagine the Facebook photos that would be created when your Uncle Ted Moonwalks across the dance floor, or your boss boogies to the Monster Mash. Encourage your crowd to attend in costume and host a costume contest, too! Riddlesbrood’s professional actors can walk around your event dressed as characters (even scarier than your relatives or co-workers) and they’ll even help you judge your dance and/or costume contest.

Halloween and fantasy theme party ideas are not only perfect for Halloween parties, but are also fantastic for October birthdays, family reunions, private house parties and social gatherings, and autumn fundraisers and corporate functions. Let the folks at Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company help you decide which of our unique, original shows would be perfect for your event. Riddlesbrood shows can be adapted to fit any size event and location, and you can choose from several attractively priced show packages.

Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company has over fourteen years’ experience performing high-energy, live comedy murder mystery and Halloween and fantasy theme party ideas. Contact them today to discuss your event’s needs at 866-276-6399 or read about their shows for more information.



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