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Frankenstein Murder Mystery in NJ

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

“Alive! It’s Alive! It’s Alive”! … Shouted Dr. Frederick Frankenstein in Mel Brooks’ hilarious film, Young Frankenstein. Yes, the creature is Alive and can be seen in various comedic forms in one of Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company’s unique Frankenstein comedy shows. There’s still time to book a Riddlesbrood Frankenstein show in NJ, or the surrounding area, if you haven’t yet planned your fall or Halloween event for this year. Skip the electrodes … a Frankenstein show in NJ will electrify your upcoming party! So, consider some high-energy Halloween-themed entertainment that will tickle your funny bone, instead of scaring you silly, and choose one of Riddlesbrood’s innovative adaptations of Mary Shelley’s classic tale of terror for your next event.

Franken-Murder 2020

Imagine all the fun your group will have as they enjoy our amusing, musical version of “Frankenstein.” This original show was created, and is directed by, Riddlesbrood’s own Brian Albert, and it shares some similarities with Young Frankenstein with its witty dry humor and clever parody. Join Dr. Frankenstein, Igor and "the creature" for some high-energy singing and dancing to original songs with an electrifying rock and roll beat. Riddlesbrood’s musical version of “Frankenstein” will steal your heart, (the mad Doctor needs a few), and exhilarate your guests more than a shock from Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory! Host a Frankenstein show in NJ or in the PA, DE, MD or NY areas for your next Halloween or fall event.

Or, perhaps your group would enjoy an interactive murder mystery at your next Halloween-themed event? Riddlesbrood’s “Franken-Murder” Frankenstein Show in NJ (or anywhere in the area as they travel) is the Company’s humorous, version of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” set within the midst of a puzzling whodunit murder mystery plot. Move over Igor . . . some new assistants are “ee-gor” to assist Dr. Frankenstein in piecing together clues, (and his creature) in order to identify the murderer. This horror-themed mystery can be performed for smaller private parties and other space-limited venues, or for larger events in auditoriums or banquet halls with elaborate custom-made scenery and props, and imaginative special effects. Franken-Murder is one of Riddlesbrood’s most popular Halloween-themed murder mysteries, so grab your jumper cables, and a shovel, because it’s alive!

Halloween murder mystery
Halloween murder mystery

No matter which “Frankenstein” show you choose you may want to add some exciting features that will keep your party alive afterwards. Riddlesbrood’s spooky D.J. will keep your crowd lively. Just imagine the photos you’ll have to post on Facebook when you add music and dancing to your event! Maybe invite some tap dancers to your party and ask them to recreate the dancing duet scene to “Puttin on the Ritz” performed by Freiderich Frankenstein and the creature in Young Frankenstein? Whether your guests are tap, tap tapping away or “Monster Mashing,” a dance contest is a fun addition to any party. Encourage your crowd to attend in costume and host a costume contest, too. Riddlesbrood’s professional actors can even stroll around your party dressed in character and help you judge your dance and/or costume contest.

Frankenstein-themed party ideas are not only perfect for Halloween, but are also ideal for October birthdays, family reunions, private house parties and social gatherings, as well as autumn fundraisers and corporate functions. Whether you’re a budding young Frankenstein or an older mad-scientist, Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company offers fun for all ages! So, consider booking a Frankenstein show in NJ or in the PA, DE, MD and NY areas.

Don’t miss seeing “Frankenstein” at the Strand Theater in Lakewood, NJ! (This was in 2014) This beautiful, historical theater in Ocean County, NJ is a magnificent venue for Riddlesbrood’s original musical comedy performed by Riddlesbrood's professional actors and a cast of talented students from the Strand School of the Performing Arts. It’s a fun alternative to terrifying, over-priced haunted houses and hayrides.

There are only three performances of Frankenstein on October 24 and 25 . . . two evening performances and one matinee. Choose from two options: enjoy the show (matinee or evening), or add a ghoulish “goremet” buffet dinner by Shore Catering (evening performances only). In addition to a delicious buffet, there’s a speed painter performing live during dinner, and you also get reserved premium seating for the “Frankenstein” show after dinner.

Both evening shows, (whether you add the dinner buffet or not), include a themed cocktail reception and an after-show party with a D.J. and dancing, a wine and beer cash bar, a meet-and-greet of the cast, and a costume contest. Advance reservations are suggested for the show, and strongly encouraged if you choose the "dinner-before-the-show" option where seating is limited. For more details, visit our website: Frankenstein at The Strand.

This year, experience Halloween thrills, without heart-stopping chills, with Riddlesbrood's unique, comedic adaptation of "Frankenstein" or “Franken-Murder!” See their Performance Calendar for upcoming shows.

Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company has over fourteen years’ experience performing high-energy, live comedy murder mysteries and Frankenstein shows in NJ and the surrounding area. Contact them today to discuss your event’s needs at 866-276-6399 or read about their shows for more information.



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