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Riddlesbrood Theme Song 


The theme song that you have heard in many of our shows, video’s and other media was custom created by musical composer Charles Jason Bechtold just for us, inspired from the legendary tales and sagas of Clyde P Riddlesbrood. He is also credited with creating some of the more bizarre and sometimes spooky interludes and sound effects for our performances and the lyrics on our Mysterious Symbol. If you, per adventure, are looking for someone to create music for your independent film, performance, or any other venue; We here at the Riddlesbrood Theatre Company highly recommend his work. 


About the Artist 

Charles "Jason" Bechtold, has been established in many genres of music including film music, choral, classical, and rock/pop/hip-hop. He currently has twenty-two choral pieces published with Really Good Music, Llc. (, a country song published with J.W. One Publishing, and has a great interest and involvement with film/tv music. Mr. Bechtold is currently the Manager of Choral Activities at Temple University’s Boyer College of Music and Department of Dance, where he received his B.S. in Music degree studying most aspects of music composition, theory, conducting, and music administration. Mr. Bechtold's compositions consist mostly of secular choral songs that sore with beautiful, memorable melodic lines and display a grand sense of emotional character. He has had successful performances of many of his pieces along with being commissioned at times. Mr. Bechtold's compositions consist of memorable melodies and a unique style of harmony. He has had successful performances of many of his pieces along with being commissioned at times. 

The Riddlesbrood Theme was also adapted for one of our main stage shows. You can hear that version of the song below:

Music by Jason Bechtold and Lori Reed  

Arrangement by Lori Reed and Kathleen Gaunt

 Brooding lyrics by Ryan Long and Benjamin P Johnson

English lyrics by Lori Reed

Riddlesbrood Theme Song - All Voices - Charles Jason Bechtold, Lori Reed, Ryan Long
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