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Why, some of us, become actors (NJ)

To become an actor in NJ, or any other place for that matter, requires more than hard work - - - it requires a little insanity.  (OK, some would argue it may require more than just a little!)  If you've ever wondered why anybody in his or her right mind (as mentioned, perhaps not a prerequisite) would choose to risk utter and extreme humiliation in front of an audience, you’re not alone.  Many people don’t understand why we become actors, but I’ll let you in on the secret if you keep reading.

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actors in the audience in nj

From that very first time in elementary school when we actually enjoyed delivering that book report on the nocturnal life of bats, to today, as we agonize over whether we should blow-off work early to make it to that audition where we just might land that colorful role we've always wanted . . . it’s been about choices – sometimes difficult ones.  Actors must constantly choose between what makes practical sense and what we really want to do, which is often not the same thing.  It makes sense to work late on that important project at work … but if we do, we’ll miss play rehearsal that evening.  It makes sense to go to bed before midnight when we have to get up early the next morning … but we had to strike the set after the show.  Ask any actor (you only need to ask once, and you might be sorry) and he’ll immediately proceed to thrill (or bore) you with one crazy story after another about having to learn 20 pages of dialogue in one day, or having to drive over 100 miles to a show, or having to wear a ridiculous costume that didn't fit, but the wardrobe designer insisted it was perfect  for the character, or having to rehearse that song and dance step about a zillion times to the point of extreme exhaustion.   What drives actors to put themselves through all that?

Is It the Adrenaline Rush?

In the big, wide acting world there are many places where an actor can exercise his creativity, but there’s nothing quite like live performance, specifically live comedy.  Actors who enjoy comedic performance such as that in dinner theater, murder mystery, and community theater are like circus trapeze artists soaring above the crowd – without a safety net!   It’s exhilarating but terrifying!  When we suddenly forget our lines and freeze with a look on our face like we just walked into the wrong restroom, or when that joke about the hearing aid that made our aunt Ethel giggle bombs with the audience, or when we don’t enter the stage on cue and our fellow cast mates are forced to cover for our absence - - - those blunders can be agonizing, but there’s nothing more thrilling than the sensation of not knowing what will happen next.  We’re not sure we’ll be able to rise to the challenge of having to “wing-it” when things don’t go as scripted, but when we do – it’s a magnificent feeling of accomplishment.  We function well on the adrenaline and many actors crave it.

It’s About the Audience

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actors having fun

But . . . truthfully, with all that said, it’s really not about us – the actors – at all.  It’s about YOU - - - the audience.  That’s why we do it. That’s why we put ourselves through panic attacks when we’re struggling to learn all those lines.  That’s why we give ourselves stomach aches when we’re stuck in a traffic jam late for rehearsal.  That’s why we wear silly costumes that make us look ridiculous, and that’s why we risk humiliating ourselves, because we love to hear you laugh!  We love that feeling at the end of the show knowing you’re going home happy because of something we created and shared with you.

So, why do we become actors . . . to bring a smile to your face!   Over the past fourteen years, Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Troupe has been composed of many actors who love to entertain and make people laugh.  Some of us have been around for a while, and some of us are new to the group, but we all share a passionate desire to bring more joy into the world.   Some of Riddlesbrood’s actors have expressed this desire:   “Rob admits that when you see him perform, he does everything in his power to leave each patron wanting more.   Jeff says coming to one of his performances is a once in a lifetime experience because he is always trying to make people laugh.  Plus with the use of his puppets, he is always trying to teach the audience something new.   Bringing a character to life helps Lorelei reflect and assist others in drifting off to a magical world, and hopefully laughing while they’re there.  Karla loves creating quirky characters that make people smile and laugh and forget about their troubles.  Brian’s in-your-face style and bold flavor adds a kick to any show he’s in. As an audience member watching, you’re thinking “what is this guy going to do next?”

dying on stage

So, discover for yourself why we become actors in NJ, (or anywhere else in the vicinity, as we travel often), by attending a Riddlesbrood show.  We Touring Theater Troupers look forward to making you smile, chuckle, laugh out loud, and definitely groan a little when our jokes are bad!  To see some of our actors in action, or book a private show for your next event by contacting us or call 866-276-6399.



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