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The Best Murder Mystery Decoration Ideas

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Welcome back. As you know, I am Madame Cluedefti, your source for everything and anything Murder Mystery. So...the venue is picked, the theme has been chosen and the Murder Mystery Company employed. Now to make your evening extra special, we need to decorate appropriately! Most venues will not provide decorations for your gathering, but have no fear; read on to learn the best murder mystery decoration ideas and transform your space into a dangerous crime scene!

murder mystery table settings 1
murder mystery table settings 1

The decorations will be the first thing your guest’s notice upon walking into the room, let’s make them excited for the show they are about to see by picking the best murder mystery decorations for your night of terror. An evening of mystery and murder is a dark and scary time. Let’s make sure we add the perfect accessories to capitalize on this!

1. Candles 

 Candles create the perfect ambience for any murder mystery event! Dim the main lights to your venue and leave small candles scattered amongst the tables. This will provide just enough light that your guest’s can see each other and the show. It will also help to enhance the weary spirit of the evening. Creating this atmosphere is important for audience participation and will help set the aura for the get together. Make sure each table has a few candles to provide perfect lightning balance throughout the room!

murder mystery table settings 2
murder mystery table settings 2


Centerpieces help add elegance to the room and require no attention. But beware, though centerpieces are a great murder mystery decoration idea they also can cause problems. Having a centerpiece that is too high may block the vision for some guests, causing irritation. Make sure the centerpieces can be clearly looked over so guests can see the show and each other. Steer clear of balloons and tall flowers.

murder mystery table settings 3
murder mystery table settings 3

3. Color Pallet 

Pick a color pallet and stay with it. Having too many colors about the room can be a distraction to your guests. Pick four or five colors to work with and decorate accordingly.

4. Themed Props 

Finally, what is your murder mystery theme? Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company offers many party styles, whichever theme you choose - make sure you add trinkets to match! For Sherlock Holmes, adding smoking pipes or spy glasses will help attendees get more into the show. For Pirates, adding parrots or a treasure chest to the venue will help change the setting dramatically. A Mardi Gras theme may call for wilder embellishments like flowers, balloons, masks and beads. Please check Riddlesbrood Murder Mystery Pinterest Page for visual inspiration!

Make sure your have your murder mystery decoration ideas down before the attendees walk through the door! Find out from the entertainment company if they provide decorations and what themes they offer. This will help you better prepare for your special rendezvous.

Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company is local to New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas and offers a wide range of decorations and themes as to not leave it all up to the host to be creative! Have fun with the accessories and ornaments as they are meant to be silly and light hearted.

If you want to learn more about how we started, check out our Mythos page.



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