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Riddlesbrood misses our audience!

We, the actors of The Riddlesbrood Touring Dinner Theater Company miss you terribly and can’t wait until the time returns when we can come to your next birthday party, anniversary, company gathering, family reunion … or even post-Coronavirus celebration; we’ll be celebrating anything and everything, then! (National Toilet Paper Liberation Day, anyone?) For, as much as we love our cozy beds and comfy couches, fully-stocked refrigerators and more than ample time to binge watch our favorite shows, we know you’re looking forward to the days when you can hug your friends at the local club’s fundraiser, dine inside your favorite restaurant for your parent’s anniversary, throw an in-person surprise party for your son’s graduation, or host the next holiday at your house for your entire family. (OK, maybe not ALL your relatives!)

doing a murder mystery show
Cast of Riddlesbrood

When those “good-ole-days” return, Riddlesbrood would like to be there to add fun to your gathering, just as we’ve done for almost 20 years. We love making you, our audience, smile and laugh, (and sometimes groan and shake your heads … but all in good fun, of course). Our ultimate goal with every show is to bring more joy and laughter into your lives, and we could certainly use some hilarity right now, couldn’t we? Unfortunately, since we haven’t been able to do what we love best … our hearts have been heavy and our creative, quirky, whacky characters (our real ones AND those that we’ve created) have been yearning to get back into restaurants, banquet halls, corporate centers, churches, community halls, and family homes to spread our unique humor everywhere … which is definitely preferable to something else that’s been spreading around, lately. Ugh.

house party
murder mystery with riddlesbrood

But, in the meantime, what does an out-of-work actor do? Well, lately, we’ve been using our unexpected free time to hone our craft by studying our lines, rehearsing scenes, creating new characters, building fresh sets, fixing worn out props, writing new scripts, revising existing stories, sewing and cleaning costumes, and overall working towards improving each and every show we plan to entertain you with this year after we come out of hibernation.

Ryan Long, Clyde P. Riddlesbrood himself, owner of Riddlesbrood Touring Dinner Theater, has been busy with the business of running a theater company during a pandemic. “Right now, my big focus is on obtaining financing and securing funding for the Company,” he explained.

  1. Brian Albert, co-owner, and resident prop master and set builder extraordinaire, has been working on Riddlesbrood’s new lighting system and improving the software for our interactive game shows.

  2. Kate Brubaker, our company manager, has been enhancing the troupe’s social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

  3. Armand Marino, an actor and former tour manager, has been preparing for Riddlesbrood’s annual main stage Christmas show, specifically by writing a new opening song and tweaking the script.

  4. And, Karla Shantz, an actress with the troupe, has organized Riddlesbrood’s costumes and accessories and wrote this blog.

lie detector hat
the lie detector hat

In addition, other members of the group have been busy preparing for future shows, as our end goal is to constantly improve, so that all our audiences will enjoy a few hours of laughter, mind-boggling mystery, outrageous characters, silly costumes, perplexing riddles, hilarious sketches, groan-worthy puns, clever jokes (and eye-rolling ones), and energetic competitions. Heck, we even throw in a little music and dancing every now and then!

This intermission will end. There will be a second act, and it will be amazing. Many postponed functions can, and should be, held at a later date. Contact us today to secure a future date for your next event!

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