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Post Prom Entertainment Ideas

Feel the light brush of dry, crinkly streamers across you nose as you step through the school gym doors. The butterflies seem like they’re multiplying by the hundreds in your stomach as you scan the room to see if that special someone is already there. Hair check. Dress check. Shoes check. You’re feeling good. You find your friends and chit-chat about anything as you’re still waiting for him or her to arrive. Will they ask you to dance? What do you say? 

prom murder mystery in nj
prom night murder mystery NJ

Say YES, because it’s prom night in New Jersey...

Every prom has a similar setting; chaperones and wallflowers line the walls, the cool kids in circles glaring at the brave already out on the dance floor. But what if your prom was different? Instead of the typical first hour of awkwardness - you were washing the first slow dance jitters down with a live murder mystery party! 


A Murder Mystery Party is a great alternative for a prom idea in New Jersey. Why is it that seeing your classmates at prom is so different than sitting next to them in biology? It’s because the energy is high and the flirtatious laughs are echoing throughout the decorated halls at school shin-digs. What better way to calm the anxious feelings of arriving than to first sit down to a nice dinner and watch a hysterical, audience interactive show?

Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company is known for making the crowd howl by pulling kids up on stage and performing hilarious acts. In between the appetizer and entree your heart will already have had a workout by trying to solve a murder mystery with your geometry crush. Solving problems, whether they be real or for kicks, builds lasting relationships! 

If murder isn’t on the menu, Riddlesbrood can entertain with their side-splitting Game Show performance. With a high energy MC and transforming backdrops - Riddlesbrood is sure to start the night off right by cracking the students up! And HEY, don’t be a wallflower, get involved in prom by showing your classmates how much you know by buzzing in first to these thigh-slapping questions! We bet you’ll be the talk of the night ensuring that first slow dance with you know who.  Which will be perfect for when Riddlesbrood pulls out the DJ for you and your schoolmates to dance the night away! 

By the time the tunes are blasting out of the speakers you will forget about why you were nervous in the first place! Request one, two, even ten of you and your BFF’s favorite songs! Riddlesbrood knows how to party and they also know how important this night is for your and your classmates. That’s why they will be sure you’re smiling, and laughing the entire time!

1950's murder mystery
50s prom

Prom over past 10pm? Past midnight? (We sure hope Cinderella wasn’t invited) have no fear - Riddlesbrood will tailor to your school’s needs, setting up late and rocking til the early morning. This is a once in a lifetime event for most of the attendees, we want to make sure it is a night they never forget! That’s why you can help, by using one of the most creative murder mystery companies for your prom idea in New Jersey. 

Riddlesbrood will create the high energy you need to make this party a success! To check out other Riddlesbrood performances please visit their website to see all different types of entertainment mastered by them!



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