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How to Plan the Best Company Christmas Party in New Jersey

Yes! YES! The holiday season is getting closer. I am Madame Cluedefti, your inside source for planning the best party for your peers. Come in my friend.  Are you cold? Let me start a fire.  Listen to the embers crack as I grab some chestnuts for us to roast. The yule tide is coming and with my help you will pull together the best company Christmas party in New Jersey! 

Scrooge Xmas Party NJ
Scrooge is ready to make you laugh!

Tis the season to be merry! What better way to celebrate than to arrange a company Christmas party you and your cohorts will actually enjoy? Outside of work, everyone is in the jolly spirit by throwing parties and being festive. I know you wish your employees to have a great time at this work gathering.  So, keep in mind they will be busy and after long days at the office the thought of spending more time with their coworkers might not be as enticing as you think. 

What do you do?

Wow them! By actually entertaining them while they eat! The way to do that is with a dinner show! This is not your typical DJ-in-the-break room-event where your cubicle mates are struggling to keep the conversation alive. A dinner show allows your employees to sit back, relax and laugh. Imagine during dinner being entertained by hilarious professionals. This will turn the company Christmas party over from the most boring event of the year to what everyone talks about for years to come.  

I rest my case... 

But I warn you, most people visiting here think immediately of a Murder Mystery Party. I am here to tell you that during December a Christmas theme is much more appropriate. Yes, mystery and murder are fun, but during this season people are bombarded with Christmas carols, festive trees, colorful decorations and even a Grinch! It is because of this that most people will EXPECT to see something related the holidays. Let’s make this the best company Christmas party in New Jersey by staying ahead of their thoughts and throw a theme consistent with the times, not something disconnected.

Christmas Dinner Theater NJ
Christmas Dinner Theater

I suggest treating your coworkers to Riddlesbroods’ most popular show during this period, “A Christmas Carol."  This show is a modern twist on the classic Charles Dicken's famous story of Ebenezer Scrooge!  "A Christmas Carol" is perfect for an executive get-together because it incorporates the audience. Group participation is an easy way to keep the gang focused and alert during the show. Paired with a glamorous, colorful set, flashy lights and over-the-top costumes; "A Christmas Carol" truly breathes new life into this old scripture. Plus, the Riddlesbrood cast’s spirit will make you think you are back in 19th century London. 

Deck the halls with bells of holly!

However, if a murder mystery is what you and your associates crave, Riddlesbrood can satisfy any hunger.   One of our most famous whodunits of all is “Who Killed Jacob Marley?” about mean, old Ebenezer Scrooge as well. But, is it possible we do not know the WHOLE story? Like, what ever happen to his partner? And how did he die? Was it a street rat bite? Did the circus cast him as the grumpiest man in the world? Where did Jacob Marley go? Riddlesbrood knows! This whodunit puts the murder mystery into any festive anniversary with “Who Killed Jacob Marley?”

NJ Xmas Mystery show
Xmas Murder Mystery

Hosting a fun dinner theater show is a great company bonding experience that will trickle down into the workplace! Employees may hold back in discussion with people they are unfamiliar with.  Nothing promotes team comfort and cohesiveness more than a hysterical Riddlesbrood hosted company party! I bet my crystal orb on it.

 Have you heard the expression: never judge a book by its cover?  Although we mention Christmas quite a bit, Riddlesbrood shows have no religious undertones whatsoever. They have performed these shows in many different venues from temples to company holiday parties and even schools. All attendees were thrilled by the experience! 

With that said, make sure to plan ahead and book early. These shows tend to fill up fast with Friday and Saturday nights being the most popular. Check on Riddlesbrood Dinner Theater Page for more information on setting up a dinner theater Christmas show. 



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