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A Christmas Murder Mystery Party

So, last year’s holiday party was a big hit when your aunt Edna won the ugly Christmas sweater contest with her hand knitted design of penguins sipping eggnog. Go figure. I thought your Cousin Teddy’s fruit cake and figgy pudding sweater should have won . . . even though it was a bit messy. I sent my crystal ball out for repairs after that failed prediction. But, my crystal ball is fixed now, and this year I predict your holiday party will be even more memorable if you throw a Christmas Murder Mystery Party in NJ, PA or NY. How would I know? Well, I’m Madame Cluedefti, expert on all things murder mystery. I’m all-knowing and all-seeing when it comes to parties and special events … so take it from me, a Christmas Murder Mystery Party in NJ, or anywhere in the PA, DE, MD or NY areas, will thrill your guests more than singing a round of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” with your tone-deaf brother.

Christmas dinner party
Christmas dinner theater party

Forget about the fruit cake and hold the figgy pudding (whatever that is, anyway) and consider a Christmas Murder Mystery Party in NJ for this year’s gathering. The folks at the Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company have entertained at holiday parties for over fourteen years, so they know how to spread festive joy to your crowd even better than grandma’s kisses under the mistletoe, which is pretty hard to believe, I know, but trust me, I’m an expert at these things.

Riddlesbrood’s “Who Killed Jacob Marley” is their hilarious, original Christmas murder mystery party show. We’ve all seen and heard the story of Ebenezer Scrooge … but did you know there’s a dark secret buried within this Victorian tale — a murder mystery that has never been explained? How did Scrooge get so rich, and how did his partner mysteriously die? Perhaps there was some foul play involved, and I’m not talking about the Christmas dinner goose! Just imagine all the fun your guests will have when they’re challenged to solve the mystery of Jacob Marley’s death. It wasn’t natural causes as we’ve been led to believe. Perhaps the heavy chain that Jacob Marley’s ghost wears wasn’t forged through years of his wrong-doing … could it have been used to kill him? In this unique, original Christmas show by Riddlesbrood, Jacob Marley was murdered . . . but who did it? Was it Ebenezer Scrooge or some other crazy suspect? This holiday-themed show offers mystery and lots of laughs with quirky characters and audience participation opportunities. Just imagine all the fun you and your guests will have trying to figure out who the murderer is. It will be more fun than counting the lights on your Uncle Pete’s Christmas tree tie. The best Christmas Murder Mystery Party is “Who Killed Jacob Marley” by Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company … and for even more fun, hire Riddlesbrood’s interactive D.J. to play all the holiday favorites that will have your guests “rockin round the Christmas tree (or any holiday object of your choice) and the latest dance music, so spirited that old Jacob Marley’s ghost will be tempted to rattle his chains on the dance floor.

Murder mystery party at Christmas
Christmas Murder Mystery Party

A Christmas Murder Mystery party (anywhere, as Riddlesbrood does travel), is also a fantastic idea for a company holiday function. If last year’s office party was as lively as a cemetery, I suggest you awaken those spirits with a lively, interactive show. Forget about office politics for awhile, and forgive your co-worker who eats all the donuts in the break room … tis the season to be jolly, and Riddlesbrood knows how to spread holiday cheer so merry even your boss will smile. There is no better way to observe the holiday season at your office party than to celebrate it with the world’s most popular boss – Ebenezer Scrooge! Riddlesbrood’s “Who Killed Jacob Marley” is perfect for a corporate Christmas murder mystery party in NJ and is sure to be more fun than watching your co-workers abuse the office photocopier. Everyone in your company will enjoy trying to solve the mystery of Jacob Marley’s murder!

Another Riddlesbrood holiday-themed show is their unique version of “A Christmas Carol.” This hilarious adaptation of the classic Christmas ghost-story will entertain your guests whether you’re throwing a private party or a corporate function. “A Christmas Carol” can be performed anywhere for any gathering. Your guests will empathize with Bob Cratchit as he cowers to cranky old Ebenezer Scrooge and laugh along with Tiny Tim, Jacob Marley and other zany characters as Riddlesbrood adds their own unique comedic twist to this timeless story. Enjoy the journey along with Ebenezer Scrooge as he travels throughout time to learn the true meaning of life from a cast of wacky ghosts. So, I recommend you bury “The Ghost of Dull Christmas Parties Past” and invite Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company to bring “The Ghost of Fun Christmas Parties Present” to your next holiday event. And, as I gaze into my crystal ball, may I be so bold as to predict (and I’m sure “The Ghost of Christmas Future” would agree) that all of your subsequent holiday parties would be merry and bright if Riddlesbrood brought their professional team of actors, spectacular costumes, hand-made sets, and hilarious comedy to all your future holiday events.

book a Christmas party
Christmas company party

Make sure to plan ahead and book now. Time is running out and dates around the holidays tend to fill up fast with Friday and Saturday nights being the most popular. Contact Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company to book your next Christmas murder mystery party in NJ or any upcoming holiday event in NJ, DE, PA, MD or NY. Call them at 866-276-6399 or visit Dinner Theater Party Packages for more information on their hilarious shows.  Check out their Performance Calendar to find a public performance near you.



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